It is every woman’s dream to pull that celebrity-like look when she steps out of the house. To turn heads everywhere on the streets with a killer look that leaves tongues wagging. And not just that but also leave everyone wondering, who is she? Is she a celebrity?

But the biggest challenge is always, how you pull off that stunning look, not just once but time again and how do you do it without breaking your bank account? Probably, you have to been to dozens of sites and search engines trying to figure it all out. Interestingly, despite the enthusiasm and excitement experienced each time that you think you finally figured it out, nothing works when you put the advice into action. If you have had such experiences, then you have finally come to the right place.

Today, we arm you with the beauty tips and tricks that every woman ought to know about. In other words, these tips about beauty will turn you into an overnight fashionista. They are in fact expert beauty secrets with the potential to transform you into a fashion icon no one can afford not to notice and admire any longer.

The very first step into not only having a healthy flawless skin but one that seems to be ever glowing is to understand your skin. The simple meaning is that you ought to know whether your skin is the dry type or it is of the oily kind.

Besides, be conversant with your skin tone. When you understand your complexion, it becomes way easier to match it with the right attire. In doing so, you will eliminate the risks of a wardrobe malfunction. It will give you a spring in your stride as you will experience that sense of feel-good-about-yourself every other day.

To have skin that is soft, smooth and spotless, there are four main things to pay keen attention to. First, watch what you eat. Ensure you eat a balanced and wholesome diet as opposed to junk food. Health-wise, often we are what we eat, and the health of your skin is no exemption to the rule.

Secondly, take a lot of water. Water plays a key role in body detoxification and helps avoid accumulation of toxins in the skin cells. When the body systems try to expel the accumulated toxins through the skin, they most often manifest themselves as a type of acne. It is well known that acne blemishes and scars facial skin.

The third item that you should make your best friend forever is sleep. Ensure you get enough of it, not too much and not too little. Its reference as beauty sleep is for a good reason.

Lastly, choose the right makeup. Make a point of understanding what brings out the best look out of you. Purchase makeup of high repute to avoid counterfeit brands that can have adverse effects on your skin health.

A consistent and disciplined practice of these virtues is guaranteed to give you a healthy and beautiful skin. The skin will not only be flawless, but it will also have that glowing look.

Eye contact alone can make a defining fashion statement. Therefore, top eye care is a must. If you wear specs, go for the sleek ones that complement your face. Alternatively, you can choose to wear contact lenses. If you make that choice, make sure you choose lenses that enhance your appearance.

At the same time, make sure your eyebrows are well shaved and styled. If your brows are too thin, inking them whether temporary or permanent can do the trick. Long eyelashes are also a fashion trend in the modern world. And if yours aren’t long enough, there is always the option of the artificial extensions. They are almost indistinguishable from the natural ones.

The only makeup that I would recommend for the eyes is mascara. Mascara nearly always is a great appearance enhancer. My advice would be to go for clear mascara. Clear mascara works wonders at separating the eyelashes giving them a fuller and natural look. It also evens out the tone of the eyelashes making them not too dark.

Do not go for just any clear mascara; go for the best clear mascara. You are probably wondering how to do that. The hallmarks of the best clear mascara are making it easy to style your lashes and neither too wet nor too thick. Also, the best clear mascara should be moisturizing and promote the growth of your eyelashes while strengthening and protecting them.

Elegant and neat hair is essential to your overall look. The hairstyle you go for should compliment your face structure and physique. Any person has a few styles that work well for them. Alternate your hairstyles around those few select styles.

Ideally, the perfect hairstyle should not be too conservative or too liberal. It is about finding a balance in between that subtle yet makes a positive fashion statement about you.

Nails have long been one of those things that men are attracted to in a woman. So be certain, someone is paying attention to the state of your nails, both the hand nails and the toenails. The implication here is that getting manicure and pedicure should be a habit. Fortunately, it no longer has to be an expensive affair. You can even do it from the comfort of your home. In addition to the nail care accessories and products, acquiring an inexpensive L.E.D nail lamp should complete your manicure and pedicure kit. L.E.D nail lamps are used to hasten the time required to cure nail polishes and gels.

Try as much as possible to get the best L.E.D nail lamp. Such a lamp should be inexpensive and capable of curing a range of different nail polishes. It ought to be compact in size, have a long bulb lifespan and have a short cure time for it to be considered to be the best L.E.D lamp.

Lastly, get the right wardrobe. Do a complete overhaul if need be but ensure that you have outfits that do not just look good on you but rather look great. One of the best ways to know whether your wardrobe strikes a chord out there, just how often do you hear the question, where did you get that?.’ The more you get that question coupled with many compliments, then the better. It means you are doing great and that you are on the right path to the all-perfect wardrobe.

Again, your choices while shopping for attires should be guided by what works best with your body physique. In addition, for what occasion the outfit is meant for. It is always good to be all-rounded and have casual, official and ceremonial outfits. It makes you ever ready to dress to kill no matter the function.

Implementing these five tips about beauty are sure ways to working your way up into being a crowd stand-out. The great aspect of these tricks is that they are not a one-time application. They work every other time to near perfection. Try them out and live the experience of a beauty and fashion icon.


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Ella Allan is a beauty blogger. She has come up with a brilliant plan. That is, to put up a beauty blog that will go along with everyone on their journey toward beauty and wellness. Find Ella on Twitter at @Ella_Allan90


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