Why women love man buns

There’s something about a man bun that makes lots of women go weak at the knees. You might not be able to put your finger on why you can’t get enough of a man bun, but scientists can! There are evolutionary reasons behind finding men with long hair tied up in a bun attractive, as well as some fun hypotheses too. Here they are:


It’s The Cavewoman Inside You

Back in the early days of the human race, life was tough. Survival of the fittest was never more relevant, with women picking a man based on his ability to protect and provide for the family. Women’s brains were wired to pick up on signs of high testosterone levels, like the full head of hair that’s needed to make a man bun. So, yes, women have been attracted to long-haired men since forever.


Fertility Sign

From the beginning of the human race, women have sought out men who are most fertile. It makes sense from an evolutionary point of view, given that the survival of the species is dependent on procreation. And long hair is a good sign of fertility. Men lose their hair as they age, and they also lose their biological ability to produce healthy sperm. So a man with long hair is a young man full of the things needed for making babies.


Sun Protection

It’s not just a man’s reproductive function that’s important to his mate; it’s also his brain. And a man with the kind of long hair that can be swept up into a man bun is a man whose brain is being protected from the sun and elements.


Long Hair Equals Long Life

Humans didn’t live very long back in the Stone Age. But those that did live longer were the healthiest of the tribe. And hair long enough to tie up in a man bun was a sign that a man was full of health, while less hair was considered a sign of malnutrition and a shorter life.


Huntsman Camouflage

Men covered in long flowing locks blended better with the shrubbery they were hiding behind when stalking their prey. It also helped camouflage them from their predators. A bald man would stand out more, and therefore had more chance of being killed while out on the hunt. So women would be drawn towards men with better methods for concealment.


Hair Accessory Sharing

One of the less scientific but fun reasons that women love man buns has a practical basis. If your man wears his hair up, he’s going to have a stash of hair bands. And as every woman with long hair knows, you can never have too many hair bands. They seem to go missing with the same regularity as odd socks. So having another supply you can dip into? That’s pretty awesome!


So now you know some of the compelling reasons why you’re irresistibly attracted to a man with his hair in a bun!


By Joana Teixeira

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