10 Quick Ideas To Give Your Home A Spring Makeover

Spring is an incredibly beautiful time, and it brings with it warmer temperatures, colorful flowers and lush greenery everywhere. Naturally, these extraordinary changes all around us compel us to enhance and freshen up our interiors as well.

You don’t need to spend a lot to give your home a spring makeover. Mostly, you just need few switch-ups and inexpensive touches to bring the much-needed change. Here are 10 easy and quick ideas to inspire you to get your home spring-ready!   

Green Factor

Adding fresh green plants would help in revitalizing your home after dark and gloomy winter months are over. They are also beneficial for your health as they freshen up the air. You can place small leafy branches in vases and put them on display shelves.  Perk up the nooks of the room with the big plants. If you can’t maintain natural plants, add artificial ones to bring in the green factor in your décor.


Flower Power

Whenever I think of spring, I think of pretty and colorful blooms everywhere. Hence, keeping fresh flowers is a must part of a spring makeover. Get some beautiful crystal vases to store those flowers in and further enhance your décor.

Pale Curtains

Get rid of those heavy and dark drapes. As the sky gets clearer and brighter in spring, it’s time to keep the windows open to let the maximum amount of fresh air and sunlight filter in. Therefore, it’s best to opt for sheer and light curtains. Switching up the curtains would instantly brighten up the whole space and give an airy feel to it.   


Enhance the Walls

Experiment with your walls by adding a stunning wallpaper or art decals. Incorporating pastel colors and floral patterns would exude spring vibes.

Underfoot Update

Changing your flooring is another great way to make your home spring-ready. There are many options available, and surely you can find one in your budget.  Jazz up the room by adding a fresh coat of paint, a striking pattern through tiles or warmth through the wood flooring.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors not only look spectacular, but they also open up space by reflecting light. Ideally, place them on a wall opposite the window or in a narrow room to widen it. You can choose a big one or a group of small ones depending upon your space.

Light touch

Upgrade your lighting to complement the new tones you have introduced in your home décor as only the right light can create the desired ambiance in any area. Have multiple table lamps or floor lamps in addition to the ceiling lights if you want to have a well-lit space.  


Garden Upgrade

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy outdoors as much as you can. Prune the trees, trim the hedges, mow the lawn and plant colorful flowers. Paint your garden furniture with a bright color.

Organic Elements

Infuse as many natural ingredients into your home as you can such as untreated wood, cotton, leather, pebbles, and plant, etc. These elements would make your home feel calm, at peace and above all welcoming.


The last but not the least thing that can elevate a space is an appropriate upgrade of accessories. Add a pop of color to the room by changing cushion covers. Add a striking pattern on the floor by getting a new rug. Bring life to the flat walls by adding an exquisite artwork.  You can also bring in geometric designs and textures through your accessories.


Author Bio:

This post was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior decor, home décor and art & craft. She is a content marketer at www.Alrug.com.


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