7 Style Tips for Including Designer Fashion Items in Your Everyday Outfit

If you need some style tips on how to elevate your daily look with a few simple changes and accessories, look no further! Read on to discover the most effective ways to incorporate high-end fashion items to complement your outfit, and you will look and feel your best in no time.


  • Street style with pride


Few other trends will dominate the catwalk of your city quite like the increasingly popular streetwear with a fancy twist. Introduced mostly by the latest designer innovations and supermodel off-the-runway wardrobe selection, this unique style will be perfect for your afternoon coffee with your girlfriends, and a casual cocktail with your colleagues.

Start by selecting your top-notch hoodie or a pair of ripped jeans, and match them boldly with a pair of designer shoes or a timeless Birkin bag.


  • Statement accessories


Although you might be tempted to save those precious pearls or your priceless designer watch for a more elegant occasion, you would be surprised how these items can complete your daily style and give your look that edge everyone yearns for.

Nothing invites curiosity and awe like a carefully selected detail that will become the focal point of any outfit. Even with a subtle hued dress or your seemingly ordinary business trousers, a piece of jewellery or your favourite accessory such as a Fedora hat or a cashmere scarf will instantly elevate your appearance.


  • Shop with care


While your inner fashionista probably craves experimenting with new names, create your personal list of trusted retailers with the greatest selection of designer items for your everyday look. SSENSE – online luxury retailer is a prime example of an established name in the fashion industry that will never disappoint you.

Look for labels that will not only last, but that will resonate with your persona and allow a plethora of wearing options for business and casual daily routine alike, such as Nina Ricci’s vivid shirts or Gucci’s leggings.


  • Leave something to imagination


The most important element of any outfit is your attitude. For example, if you wear delicate, luxurious lingerie no one knows about but yourself, especially underneath a modest shirt or a bohemian floral dress, your confident look will draw more attention than any other piece of your outfit.

A Victoria’s Secret bra can always boost your confidence and give your look a touch of luxe, which you will show through your smile and your proud walk.  


  • A splash of colour


The purpose of your selected designer item can even be as simple as adding a lively tone to your regular daily look. It can be a chunky necklace, or a designer belt, a bold red lipstick to last you through the day, or even a colourful sweater just in case the weather changes.

These discrete yet powerful details can turn your look into a festive, but elegant statement, and complement your personality with the help of your favourite shades and shapes.


  • Purse up


As every woman’s best friend and a versatile item for a lady on the go, a purse can make or break your entire look in a matter of seconds. Practical and gorgeous at the same time, these cherished items are a must-have for every business meeting, family gathering or evening event in your agenda.

A high-end handbag, purse or a letter bag can not only come in handy for having your essential makeup and gadgets at your fingertips, but it can also give any ordinary outfit a unique feel of opulence.


  • Add excitement


Having a routine doesn’t mean falling into a fashion rut. Stir up your current style with new fashion items, experiment with details you’ve never tried before, and mix and match the least likely of your clothing items, and you might be surprised with the results!

Sometimes all it takes is some glamorous makeup or a sassy dress ideal for your figure, and the right designer piece will practically choose itself for the occasion. However, you can never go wrong with high-heel Balenciaga pumps or your favourite, most comfortable Converse All Stars.

About the author:

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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