Spring Makeup Trends

Last year’s Fashion Week is long gone, so let’s see which makeup trends we’ll be rocking this year. This spring’s all about bold lips, glitter, and electric colors! Here’s a list of this spring’s makeup trends you’ve got to try out.



Better get some fresh blush brushes ready because they’re going to be busy this spring. It doesn’t matter how meticulously you will apply it, make sure your blush is seen! Leave the subtle blush in the past! Apply some bright blush high up on your cheekbones (remember draping from the ‘70s and ‘80s?) but go light on the foundation and hairstyle. You risk going overboard with makeup if you don’t use creamy products and light foundation, so be careful. If you do it just right, you will rock the best makeup style this spring.

Glitter bomb

Girls, break out your glitter supplies, spring is going to sparkle like never before! Some artists simply had fun and embraced glittery makeup for the Fashion Week 2016, which means glitter will be dominant for the spring 2017. Artists, such as Pat McGrath, the goddess of makeup, were so happy to finally give this style wings and launch it into stardom. Designers asked for glitter all over the models’ lips, faces, hair and eyebrows! Of course, you’re not supposed to go that far with your glitter look, but a little glitter on the lips never hurt anyone. It’s perfect for a glamorous night out with your girlfriends. Match it with some unicolour outfit and you can’t miss. Browse the internet for cute dresses online, and find the perfect one for you! You’re bound to attract some serious attention.

Bold lips


No fashion happening can go without some intense debate about red lipstick, but how about orange, peach, purple-grey, fuchsia? This spring you will get the chance to experiment with many different colors and textures, from more classical matte cherry to some neon-like nuances. The renowned names of the last Fashion Week, such as Valentino, rocked matte and semi-matte lips on the runway, so it’s high time you embraced it if you haven’t already. Many designers chose to highlight only one part of the body, mostly the lips, so if you’re going to give your lips some attention, don’t overdo your eyes. Sometimes statement lips are all you need.

Make your skin glow

During the last Fashion Week, makeup artists couldn’t get enough of shiny and glowing skin. Some chose to use the highlighters, but some achieved the desired look with only intense moisturizing and skin prep. After all, nothing glows like healthy skin, right? You can embrace this look by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, nose, cheeks and Cupid ’s bow.

A splash of color


Those who like bold makeup got scared that we will have another year with no-makeup makeup which ruled the runways and streets this season, but that’s not the case. Color lovers rejoice! Purples, yellows and blues are back on the table! Many designers chose a natural look for their models, but others, such as Luis Vuitton, made color their focal point. Some opted for statement makeup with pigment all over the face, bright stripes across the cheekbones and similar bold moves, but this spring it’s enough just to embrace the color and brighten your look. Whip out that bold eyeshadow!

You can finally forget about that nude makeup look and embrace colorful makeup and play with it a little bit more. This spring embraces bold colors, especially on the lips and eyes, and bring out your big glitter guns. This spring will be perfect for those who like statement makeup, so if you’re one of those people, feel free to go a little crazy. Which makeup trend will mark your spring?


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