How to Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

When you are not even close to saying “I do”, you seem to have all the answers as to when, where and how your wedding is going to look like. However, once the big question is popped and the big day approaches (with you actually getting to organize everything), you start spinning. Nothing unusual! It feels like all brides-to-be are in a similar jam and we can’t say we don’t understand why! After all, you want your W day to be as fabulous as possible, and to have everything on point – time, money, creativity and effort are needed. To help you out, we’ll be talking about a few wedding points we feel should be acknowledged.

Start with the engagement party


The engagement party is often a neglected segment of wedding planning, and we feel it’s time we brought it back! Celebrating your engagement is a perfect opportunity to gather your closest friends and give the celebration a more intimate, close touch than your wedding may potentially have. After all, an engagement party is a gathering of people you see on a daily basis, who were there when you love doves met, who’ve been with you through thick and thin – so treating them to a phenomenal day is a small token of love you two have for them.

Depending on your personal style, an engagement party can be anything from a luxurious spread to a simple dinner out. Regardless of your style, little gracious manners can’t harm anyone! If anything, they’ll add to the beauty of the occasion; make sure you send out personalized engagement party invitations, prepare gift bags and treat your guests to something fun, like photo booth photos with you and your future hubby. It’s all in the details, and just a little effort goes a long way!

Treat yourself to a bachelorette day


The old Hollywood drama called “He is the only guy I’ll be sleeping with till I die” shouldn’t be anything that concerns you! If anything, you should feel blessed that the days of jumping from bed to bed in search for love and fulfillment are gone! For this, celebrate your life, your love and all of your choices! Take a few of your besties out, make it a fun day together and enjoy every second of it! If you are looking to do something low key, a day at the spa and a rich lunch/dinner with some bubbly on ice will do the trick. However, if you are more about getting piss drunk and taking the dance floor, that’s okay, too! For those of you with big budgets, booking a destination for your bachelorette party is an amazing idea!

Focus on the wedding day


If you are set on organizing your big day yourself, i.e. with no help of wedding planners, here are the top things you should pay attention to! We’ve made sections based on the time frame you might want to adjust yourself.

12-18 months:

This is the right time to set your budget and to make a decision on the date of your wedding. Do your research and choose and book your venue. As much as you can believe other people’s recommendations, the best thing you could do is to use your advanced google search abilities and find the one that suits your ideal wedding space expectations. Although your wedding is in a year, this is the right time to put together your guest list. This is your day, and you should call only the people that make you happy. Also, this is the perfect timing to decide on a church or civil ceremony and book it.


6-12 months:

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Send out your Save the Date cards, and make some important decisions, such as choosing bridesmaids, ushers and the best man and booking your photographer and videographer.
Start looking for wedding dresses and work out what you like (go through online options, bridal magazines, etc). Book your DJ and/or band and book your caterers (this is the perfect timing to make a tasty decision about your menu). Don’t forget about choosing your florist. After all this struggle it is a time to start thinking about yourself and go shopping for a wedding dress, underwear, accessories and shoes. Booking a hair and makeup ahead might sound silly, but it is a smart thing to do.

0-6 months:

When all the big things are done, it is a time to do fun things – buy your wedding rings, and choose bridesmaids’ dresses. Enjoy in discussion about your first marriage travel and book your honeymoon.
Send out invitations for the wedding.

Final week:

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This is the time to enjoy. Pick your wedding dress from the boutique, confirm everything booked before, just in case. Have a manicure and pedicure and get some beauty sleep!

All of these charming details are the ones that will bring your dream day together, and that you will enjoy picking. Relax, have one and watch your dream comes true.

About the author:

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

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