Essential To-Do List For the Bride To-Be

The countdown until your wedding day has started and you’re fully aware that the upcoming weeks or months will pass by in an instant. You might be worried that you’ll forget something important that will make your wedding day not so special. In such a position, it’s best to leave nothing to chance or other people but to make sure you’ve taken care of everything in advance and prevent any mischiefs from happening on that day. Every bride wants to be perfect when the time comes to get married, so read through our guide of essential things you’ll want to do to make sure that’s the case.

Beauty Sleep

Preparing for the wedding day can be quite stressful and many brides to-be fail to find the time to actually rest and relax. Well, since you’ll want to look your absolute best at your wedding ceremony, it’s extremely important to actually sleep. Schedule your bachelorette party at least two weeks before the wedding, so that you avoid the hangover effects. Those can last a while, especially when it comes to your looks. But if you have to schedule it closer to the wedding, make sure to do everything you can to get rid of your hangover looks. Sleeping a lot in the week before your wedding can really help your looks, so be sure to try it out.

Practice Your Vows by Reading the Words Out Loud

This is the one thing that scares most of us, so it’s best not to leave it to chance. Even though you’ll surely be reading your vows before the wedding day, you need to make sure you’re actually doing it out loud. There’s a huge difference between the two and you don’t want to be doing it for the first time in front of everyone. Even if you’re writing your own vows you’ll want to practice reading them out loud if you want everything to turn out perfectly.

Dress Rehearsal

While this one may seem obvious, many brides to-be tend to do just the dress rehearsal without actually putting on their full look. You need to look exactly as you’re going to look during the ceremony, so put on your shoes and all the extra accessories you’ve planned. This includes makeup too. You can even experiment with the things like mink eyelashes if you want to give your face that extra special look. Don’t forget to take a few photographs of yourself dressed, as you might want to consult with some of your friends about your looks later on.

Give Yourself Some Extra Time

You don’t want to be running around between your hair and makeup appointments one day before the wedding, so try to give yourself more time between appointments. This will ensure you have some extra time if anything goes wrong, which happens more than you’d know. It’s a good idea to have a printed calendar just for this occasion and writing your entire schedule down. You’ll also want to leave your mornings free, so you can sleep longer and be able to take the super long bath, which will go a long way to prepare you mentally for the day.


Spend Some Alone Time With Your Fiancé

What can happen in the weeks before the wedding is for you to detach yourself from your fiancé since you’ll both be very busy with the preparations. This can lead to you or him (or both) being uncomfortable during the ceremony, which you’ll definitely want to avoid. In order to prevent this, the two of you need to be spending some alone time and talking about things that are about to happen. Make sure that you go through the wedding day timeline together and try to keep the conversation as relaxed as possible.


When it comes to your special day, you should make very few compromises. Try to do everything you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, it’d be bad if you wanted the absolute opposite of your fiancé, but that’s an unlikely scenario. The most important thing is to prepare yourself over a longer period so that you avoid any stressful situations and have the time in between to relax and rest. You can even consider hiring wedding planners. Nevertheless, only by following this simple guide you’ll make it that there are no surprises when the day comes.

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