What Qualifies To Be the Best Mattress In 2017?

If you are shopping for a good mattress, you are most likely frustrated by the numerous brands you have found. Many consumers end up buying whichever mattress they can afford due to these frustrations. However, this is not the right decision considering the findings from recent studies highlighting the importance of good sleep.  

Why Choose the Best Mattress?

The best mattress promotes good sleep, which in turn tunes your brain function, boosts your energy levels and makes you more productive. A good night sleep ensures your safety the next day, especially if you are driving or operating heavy machinery. In essence, you should not let the frustrations of mattress shopping lead to a poor choice because this will have an impact on your quality of life.

Well, if you are looking for a good mattress, you should go online and start by reading reviews. A mattress review will give you an objective view of the products you are comparing.  This helps you buy the right product based on the quality, cost savings and customer ratings.

Reading online reviews makes the whole process of shopping less stressful and you are assured of making the best choice based on facts. If you are struggling to find the best mattress for your bed, don’t give up before you compare the best products using expert reviews.


What’s The Best Mattress in 2017?

You have most probably already searched using the phrase ‘what’s the best mattress in 2017’’.  There are so many mattress brands to choose from and without concrete information, making the right choice can be tricky. Before starting out the comparison, you need to understand the following factors used to rate a mattress as high quality:

  • Build quality – This is an important factor because it determines the safety of the product, comfort and durability. The common builds include memory foam, mostly made from polyurethane, innerspring and adjustable air.
  • Cooling quality – Most people complain about sleeping discomfort caused by heat. If you are always waking up feeling all clammy and tired, you need to buy a mattress that has a high rating for its cooling benefits.
  • Comfort/ feel – Of course everyone wants to feel comfortable when sleeping and this is one reason why all mattresses will claim to offer the best levels of comfort.

When rating the best mattress, every review will also consider safety, design, and aesthetics among other qualities. Among the best mattresses in 2017 include Spindle, Nectar, Alexander, Luxi, Loom & Leaf, Layla, Novosbed, Intellibed, Tuck, Sapira, and Zen Haven among others.

When shopping for a good mattress for your home, make sure you read reviews, seek referrals and recommendations and also test he product if possible. The best mattress should not only guarantee comfort but must also be constructed using safe materials.

It is always good to know the trend in the industry before making a purchase. For instance, while everyone agrees that memory foam mattresses are the best, there are hybrid models which comprise an innerspring with a top memory foam. Go on and compare these top rated mattresses to find one that suits your needs.

By Thomas Sujain

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