Home décor on a budget: Five step guide

Every one of us dreams of a perfect luxurious home, but some restrictions bound us from achieving a perfect home dream. Some of us might have open budget while others who have recently entered the job market might have budget constraints. If you are decorating your home on a budget, you can achieve a lot by using and applying Do it yourself hack and tips and believe me your home will look more balanced and unique than the home that is filled with expensive materialistic things yet lack creativity. The key to successful decorating is to remember that it’s a process. Take it step by step. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So if hiring a professional designer is not in the budget, or if you simply want to do it yourself, read on. This is your guide to decorating without fear.



  • Get creative with dining table décor:


Let’s start from the décor of the dining room. The best budget friendly tip to décor is getting creative with the dining table top and the mats placed on it. If you find your dining table is out of shape no need to buy the new one, use the hybrid table saw to cut its edges and give a neat look and hide rest of the table with a colorful patterned table cloth. This would save not only your money but also your space. All you need to do is get organized and disciplined.



  • Make your seating fun:


Every home needs a place to sit and entertain guest, and for that, you need furniture pieces. But don’t worry that does not mean you have to settle for something very expensive like pure wood statement pieces.  You can give a creative touch to your sitting and make it more fun especially if you are a young teenager. Mix the already existing furniture pieces with some furry stools.  The furry stuff makes your room look less serious, and kids enjoy their softness.



  • Little corner tables make a huge impact:


To give a spacious yet elegant look to your home while remaining in the assigned budget you can use three tiered side tables. These are considered as the functional pieces of furniture that can serve the multi-purpose of displaying your statement décor pieces as well as it can help you keep your belongings organized and give a neat look to your place.



  • Hide cords in a beautifully designed box


We often ignored the little things like hiding the cords and the wires which give a cluttered and untidy look. Don’t allow mess of wires to ruin your décor. Indeed get creative and design a beautiful box for chords and design a fence around the wires that gives a unique and different look to your space.



  • Use your window as a headboard


Try to keep things as natural as you can. Placing your bed against the window will help you create a head for your bed and give a landscape image to your room. This trick can soften a room and add height. And even if you already have a headboard you love, placing your bed in front of a window will open up the entire bedroom.


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