Marriage Must-Haves: 3 Tips For Moving Into Your First Home

After the wedding, the next big step is moving into your first home as a couple. If you’ve both already had homes of your own, it’s likely that you have collected a lot of your own things. When moving in together, it’s important to compromise on style and decor. Both people must also realize that you may need to get rid of some of your own things to accommodate your spouse’s items as well as the new stuff you choose together. The following are 3 tips for moving into your first home after the wedding.


Your new home belongs to both of you so it’s important that both people feel comfortable there. Go shopping together to choose new furniture and understand that there will likely be some compromise when it comes to the choices. Carefully consider what goes with the style of your new home and choose accordingly. Having new furniture and decor will help with getting rid of the old stuff.

Hire Movers

Moving can be very stressful and this is the last thing you want to deal with when moving into a new home after getting married. Professional movers can safely pack up your possessions so they reach your new home without damage. Movers can be scheduled to pick up and drop off your stuff at your convenience. They know how to load heavy items and many will also disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you for a fee. This is all the more important if you’re doing a long distance move.

Rent Storage if Needed

Carefully choose what you want to bring into your new home. If you don’t love something, get rid of it or put it into storage until you can decide on a permanent solution for it. There’s nothing worse than cluttering up your new house with junk after your marriage. Encourage your spouse to do the same with possessions that are no longer loved or used. A professional storage facility, like this National Self Storage – Denver, can store your items in a safe environment until you decide what to do with them.

When moving in with your new spouse, be sure that you both have input on the home decor and furniture. It’s important to understand that you both may have to give up some of your furniture and other items. During the moving process, hire movers to take care of the hard work and relieve some of the stress. You can also rent a storage unit to hold all the extras until you have a plan on what to do with them.

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