How to Make a Meaningful Proposal

‘Will you marry me?’ is probably the question most girls want to hear. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it any less important and you should get it right as that is the first step to the next stage of your life together. Some men lack ideas and some are afraid of making a mistake while others are confident and able to make it a memorable event no matter what they do.

It is really important to know your beloved because then you can adapt the proposal to her personality. Make her feel relaxed and comfortable and then pop the question. Here is some advice based on certain types of personalities.

A more private proposal

It might be hard to believe but there are girls who do not dream of grand declarations of undying love in front of hundreds of witnesses. Some girls are just too shy for something like that and prefer a more private atmosphere. Instead, you can cook (or order) her favorite meal, play her favorite music and just talk. The proposal should come naturally and will be appreciated as such. It’s all about sharing warmth and love.

A public declaration


On the other hand, some girls like the attention and are thrilled to be in the center of it. Therefore, it is important to pick an exclusive restaurant, get on one knee and say the words. Picking the right ring is crucial for this kind of proposal as everyone will be staring at you wanting to see it. There is a wide selection of beautiful diamond engagement rings to choose from and you should especially pay attention to the 4 Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat. She will be delighted by this everlasting symbol of love and devotion.

Adventure proposal

For girls that love thrills, there are different options. You can go skiing and write the proposal in the snow so that she can see it from the ski lift. What about going hiking and proposing while watching a breathtaking scenery? She is more breathtaking than anything else in the world, isn’t she? Organizing a treasure hunt is also a great idea – it’s fun and challenging at the same time. The prize is the ring and a chance to spend the rest of her life with you.

Follow her tastes


Every girl has her own unique taste and likes different things. Make those things part of the proposal. She likes animals – give her one as a present and she will melt. If she is an avid reader, try to find one of her favorite authors and ask them to sign one of her favorite books and add the message ‘Will you marry (your name)?’. They will do it gladly and she will have the book as a memento and will probably read it over and over again. If she is into films, go revisit and record the places which have a lot of importance to you both and tell the story of how you met. You can visit the place where you plan on proposing and mention that the sequel to your love story starts right there. If you want, you can include the big question at the end of the video or ask it in person.

Sharing with friends and family

There are girls who are very devoted to their family. Make both your and her family members your accomplices and plan a big surprise party for her. That way everyone participates and enjoys the preparation. Ideally, it would be during a big celebration so that she doesn’t suspect anything. Your relatives can do anything from singing to holding the messages you wrote, or whatever else you think she might like. But it is important to make sure that everyone holds their tongue – it is a surprise proposal after all.

Hopefully, you found something useful in these suggestions. If so, go ahead and woo the woman of your dreams. If not, make sure to know all her likes and dislikes before you propose as it is all about her, is it not? Good luck!


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