Penny Pinching Ideas For A House Makeover

Home renovations can be a nightmare to deal with. Contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior designers, architects… they can all cost a pretty penny. But when it comes to actually hiring experts, there is no doubt that you should value quality over price. However, there are some tips that can help you save money on that front, and even more tips on saving money by doing minor redecorating on your own. House makeovers can look just as stunning as the ones on TV, with far less money involved. And to find out how, feel free to read on our list below.

Plan ahead

Needless to overemphasize, but planning ahead can save you up to thousands of dollars. If you live with a partner or family, then this will be much easier to handle. The key is proper communication, to agree on what exactly needs a major makeover, and what can be done by yourselves; and knowing what to expect when renovating a house. Home makeover TV shows can be less than realistic sometimes, so keeping a level head and consulting with an expert can help you in planning out the finances you are willing to set aside.

Employ the greenery


One of the minor aesthetic things you can do is to decorate the pots of your flowers and plants. Instead of keeping the same bland-colored ones, paint patterns based on the room they are in, or paint in the matching color or design to a piece of furniture. Paper-cut lacing, ribbons and pieces of fabric are also useful little details. Taking it one step ahead, if you have a fireplace, move the biggest potted plant you have (or several smaller ones that will complement each other), to the extinguished fireplace during the summer months.


Redecorate your boxes


Another cool little hack involves locating all your cardboard boxes and solid colored containers, then wrapping them in wrapping paper. The fun part of it will be to hunt down the most interestingly designed papers in your local bookstore or gift shop. The amount of money spent on even a larger amount of wrapping will still be much less than if you went for a full repaint, or even bought more expensive, designer containers. On the plus side, it can turn into a fun project for the whole family, and allow you to unleash your creative side.


The power of color


Don’t underestimate just how much color can do. If your goal is to “open up” the space in your house, consider the color of your walls. Oftentimes, simply repainting the walls white, pale yellow, or some other color can make the room more luminous, than installing new lights, or more spacious, rather than tearing down that wall. More transformative magic of color comes with color-coding your furniture. Consult an expert or do some research of your own in which color combinations make up for the best results in interior design.


Recycle and repurpose


These two words are a penny-pincher’s best friends. There are hundreds of ways in which you can get creative and repurpose some of your old or neglected items, but we will list a few:

  • Use mismatched tableware as toiletry containers – for makeup, toothbrushes or even soap
  • Salt and pepper shakers or teapots can easily become flower bud vases
  • Old and chipped ladders can be repurposed as shelving
  • A window or a door shutter on a wall can be used for magazines and key hangers


The internet is full of creative, money-saving ideas, and after just a few minutes of browsing, you are sure to find some ideas that will be perfect for your home.


Get rid of excess thing


As painful as it sounds, before any kind of redecoration, there needs to be an overhaul of personal possessions. This is something that should be done every once in a while anyway, so if you have donated or sold some of your things before, then this is not an unfamiliar process. However, if this is your first time redecorating, take note of everything that has no more room in your house. Decide what you want to do with them: either donate, depending on the condition it is in, sell it, even throw it away! But if there are some items you are unsure of, then cheap storage is also a viable option. That way, you will have enough time to decide and avoid making a decision you could regret in the future.


Quite often, when considering big house projects, we tend to forget that things are not entirely out of our hands. We don’t have to rely on expensive expert advice, nor do we have to pay a pretty penny for brand new furniture and makeovers that someone else will perform. It is our home, and our living space, and there is still a certain kind of pleasure and pride in doing these kinds of renovations on our own. In the end, it is not just about the money, but about investing our own time into a home we plan to make the best memories in.  


About the author:

Helen Bradford is a student who enjoys writing about health, interior and exterior design. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.


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