5 Pieces of Beauty Advice Every Bride Needs to Hear

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life, and as you walk down the aisle — with all eyes on you, of course — you’ll want to be absolutely flawless.

So, how will you achieve that absolute flawlessness? Here are some beauty tips to live by – just don’t forget to start applying them several months before the actual day – the perfect look isn’t something that can happen overnight.

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Get in shape

Don’t you think your dream wedding dress would look more amazing if you had a flat tummy and slim body? Plus, getting in shape would also mean that you will have more strength to shine on the dance floor. This is something you should start with at least six months prior to your wedding date. As for the type of exercise – you choose – it can be anything from joining the gym to starting with dance lessons (the benefits here are twofold).

Make your skin glow

There is only so much makeup artists can do if your skin is dry, damaged and filled with acne breakouts. Of course, the stress caused by all the wedding planning isn’t going to help your skin, so you should try to keep it to a minimum. As for the skincare, make a dermatologist appointment about a year before the wedding to assess your complexion and establish the best care. Visiting an aesthetician, using retinol-based products, undergoing LED treatments and doing a facial, are just some of the things you should do in the months before the ceremony.


Source: Kaboompics

Get the best wedding day makeup

Now that you have flawless skin, it is time to think about the makeup. You should aim for a timeless look that enhances your natural beauty and makes your skin radiant. Some of the things you should think about are your T-zone area, which can get a bit shiny after some time even if the makeup artist has done everything perfectly. That’s why you should always have some light powder on you along with quality makeup brushes for touch-ups in between the photo sessions.

Adapt to the venue

If you are having a beach wedding your dress and makeup should be matching the surroundings. Make your dress flowy and breezy, and keep makeup light and airy. If you are getting married in a barn on the other hand, go for the hippy, boho chic look with a rugged twist. Choose a ball gown and dramatic makeup if you are saying yes in a big fancy hall. You get the idea.

Take care of your hands and feet

You think the photographer won’t zoom in on your gorgeous wedding ring or on those special shoes? This means your hands and feet need to be in their best shape. First, keep them well-hydrated, including the nails. Besides using creams, you can also hydrate the nails with facial oil. A manicure and pedicure are a must.

Keep calm and carry on

Finally, the best beauty-related piece of advice you can get is to relax and enjoy your day. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy bride who smiles on every picture and communicates with her guests. Of course, try to find your Zen a couple of months before the wedding, since the pre-wedding stress can pretty much ruin your look by affecting your skin, hair and nails, and depending on your habits, even your weight.


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