3 Must Have Baby Essentials For The First Year

The excitement level gears up as soon as the new baby arrives in the world. Whether it is to buy clothes and toys for your infant or buy a Uppababy Alta stroller, and car seats, the never ending list goes on and on. No matter how much you read, how many suggestions you take, how many guidance you consume for baby essentials, one thing is sure that you would need to move here and there with your child.

It includes infant’s clothes, baby stuff list, diapers, toys, comfy bad and what not! There are ‘must have’ to ‘good to have’ things you would see and want to get. But, most imperatively you would need to buy the things which makes the transition easy for both, the little one and the parents.

  1. Infant car seat

So it starts from a car seat your little bundle of joy needs to get home from the hospital. Some hospitals have made it mandatory to use infant car-seat while you leave the hospital with your newborn. They do not allow to leave without it and honestly, you must have it. It is crucial for your child to be safe and comfortable while he/she travels the roads. It is lightweight, effortless to carry around and snaps perfectly into your car-seat or strollers. You can buy it separately or the whole package of infant car-seat with a stroller in which it fits well.

There are other convertible car-seats available in the market which is suitable for both, infants and toddlers. The only thing you need to remember for it is, they are a bit cumbersome, so they need to stay in the car most of the time. If you pick a new car-seat, they all are safe and perfect but if you plan to buy a used one, check it out thoroughly.

  1. Infant car-seat stroller

It is always better to have a car seat that snaps into a stroller. You can shift your baby into the car or out of the car without disturbing their sleep. You can also stroll around with it until your infant grows up enough to balance the sitting position. A stroller and a car-seat designed to be snapped together is called a travel system which is quite a helpful tool for new parents.

It is advisable to get a frame stroller for the new mom and the infant. A frame stroller is underweight and convenient in comparison to a traditional stroller. It is small in size, easy to carry anywhere and folds flat. It is most appropriate for the mothers who had a C-section as they are prescribed to lift a limited weight.

  1. Full-size stroller

Many would suggest waiting until your baby learns to sit up when it comes to buying a full-size stroller. That’s because they are bulky and clumsy. But these days, numerous manufacturers and retailers provide lightweight and smooth to move full-sized strollers. Online store like Baby-direct.com.au offers a broad range of baby prams with various sizes and colors that can satisfy your choices with desired features. Also, these strollers cater the facility of infant car seat which can be snapped altogether which is a one-stop solution for any new parents.

Some strollers ultimately allow removing the stroller seat as well which makes it really light and effortless to carry around. If you are buying a full-size stroller since the beginning, make sure it is a compatible one. You can buy separately too. Depending on your choice and plans about how you want to move your baby. All you need to make sure is, it is lightweight and keeps your toddler safe.

By Daniel Clark

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  1. rue, everything is so important for the first year! The car seat is a big must, for sure, and all the rest, a pram or push chair, and so many things! I totally agree with the post! Hope you have a beautiful evening!

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