Peace of Mind At Home: A Guide to Creating a Perfect Zen Atmosphere

Zen is the spiritual practice which is conquering the western world step by step. The word itself basically means „meditation“, and it implies a variety of concepts whose main goal is to improve one’s life by raising awareness, expanding the mind, increasing loving capacity etc. But, in order to really enjoy that journey, you’ll probably need to adapt your living space a bit. Below are some practical pieces of advice on how to start or continue your life-changing process.

Plants are teachers of life

Have you ever been mesmerized by a tree or a cluster of flowers? If the answer is yes, why don’t you just bring some of the outside inside. Something is going on with our eyes and green color. Your leafy friends will calm you down, and get your home filled with vibrant life. Plants aren’t needy, so you’ll be able to just enjoy with them scattered around while breathing deeply, and relaxing.


Get rid of a few electronic distractions

To achieve real Zen surroundings, it’s for the best that you let yourself free from your pocket devices, such as phones, and maybe leave only speakers to listen to some relaxing music. If there’s not much space at your home, and you’re unable to get rid of the TV set, feel free to place it in a neutral and discrete spot. You may also want to hide all wires and cables out of sight since those can be a source of distraction.

Try to avoid cluttering your home

The whole Zen doctrine is revolving around simplicity and space. Therefore, you may consider getting surplus furniture out of your house. In case you have some extra stuff and not sure where to put it, there are a lot of supercheap self storage units, where you can rent a storage unit or two in order to free some living space. Once you’re done with decluttering, you’ll be able to move freely and hopefully practice a bit of Yoga, another complementary teaching, which is basically inseparable from Zen.

How should the rest of your furniture look?

Make sure to choose earthy colors, especially shades of beige, white and gray. Those colors are great for enhancing calmness and relaxation. Another lucky coincidence is that those colors will blend perfectly with your green plants. Try to use light and natural fabrics while choosing sheets or curtains. Those materials will bring up the feeling of intimacy while reducing drought and outside noise.


There are just a few more finishing touches, and you’re all set.

Work on the lighting, get yourself some halogen bulbs, which are more soothing than regular ones. Scented candles and sticks will be a bullseye since those will surely elevate Zen atmosphere on another level. At the end, less is always more when it comes to furniture. Those few elements which you’ve chosen to hold on to should be put near the source of natural light and away from doors and central parts of your Zen area.

To summarize

Basically, you can’t mistake with Zen redecoration. Just stick to your plan, and you’ll see how your inner and outer life is changing to better. You’ll find yourself much more motivated and opened towards the world. You’ll experience fulfillment and pure joy of life. Once you’ve done it, other people will start approaching you to get a chunk of your wisdom, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll improve other people’s lives as well.

About the author:

Nevena Popović is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant and an avid reader of the cyber-punk genre. When she’s not working, she’s probably somewhere cuddled up with a good book, and a cup of lemon grass tea (or more honestly binge watching the newest Netflix hit show).

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