Western Fashion Staples That Are Hot In Trend Among Youngsters

What is so different in these western wears that always make them stand apart from the crowd? Are they easy to put on or a number of designs matter here? To be straight, reasons are numerous but the key factor is simplicity in them. They are the utter comfort findings of youngsters and fashion enthusiasts. Be it 1940 or 2017, one thing is very common; the state of the art which is quite plain and goes with the season.

Here, I have compiled top western fashion staples that are hot in trend among youngsters and tips and tricks to complement it like a true fashion fad.

Crop Tops


If you are thinking that this staple is completely contemporary, then dear you’re wrong! In India, women wear blouses since the inception of sarees and other drapes. These blouses do quite look like crop tops and even more designer.

What’s Different: Crop tops are basically plain and showcase regular fitting. They come in lycra, cotton, spandex, and polyester fabrics.  

Finishing Touch: Catch them out with high waist jeans, midis, and long skirts.

T-Shirt Dress


Do you wear T-shirts? Obviously, yes! Now, just stretch them a little bit by its length; it will become T-shirt dress. You will find quirky logo and brand patches around them and are quite fave of new-gen bloggers.

What’s Different: They are not bodycon and showcase loose, snug fit to wear all day long.

Finishing Touch: Preppy sneakers will be perfect to head on the street.

Off Shoulder Dress


You have a sexy beauty bone and a shoulder to envy? Then you must need a pair of off shoulder dresses from the couture. The lengths of these dresses may vary from extra short to floor length. Off shoulder style comes in various dresses and tops and shirts as well.

What’s Different: The key factor of this dress is its peek-a-boo nature from the shoulder and fitting doesn’t matter here!

Finishing Touch: If you’re confused, just strut on wearing Louboutins.

Denim n Dungarees


Dungarees are typically made of denim or hard cotton fabric but nowadays, they are found in various fabrics. These dresses are just like suspenders pre-attached on jeans at both front and the back.

What’s Different: This cowboy style is loved by most of the bloggers because it provides the most desirable carefree attitude to the wearer.

Finishing Touch: Just espadrilles and high pony will be great here.

Bodycon Dresses


A night, when you wish to look sexy and attract, what can be the best pick than lingerie? Of course, bodycon dresses! These dresses behave as the second skin of yours and the hemlines are stitched in a manner to bring out the oomph factor of your figure.

What’s Different: Just wear and then feel!

Finishing Touch: Nudes or red high pumps will be a great companion. And yes, don’t forget to check out a class Minaudiere with such a dress.

Boyfriend Jeans


Let him stay aside and steal some cool and comfy stuff like this from his closet. The best thing in this category is their baggy feature which has made a great fan following among the youngsters and bloggers whose innate intention is travelling.

What’s Different: They smell like love to your skin and heart!

Finishing Touch: Fold them a little and wear biker or brogue or boat shoes. For a crazy club, pick out strapped heels.

Red Pumps Or Louboutins


So the designer’s name caught the attention here! But do not ignore the fact that ‘red’ is important here. If you ever seem confused and puzzled up, straight go with either red pumps or Louboutins.

What’s Different: Louboutins showcase red inner lined up sole.

Finishing Touch: Don’t worry; they will score the temperature in any way.

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