The Difference About Virgin Hair and Remy Hair That You Should Know

I receive many emails from clients wondering the main difference between virgin hair and remy hair. Usually they message me because they are shopping on the hair company’s website or web site (with eBay or Amazon . com) plus they found an amazing deal on bundles of hair from somewhere not to mention everyone’s locks are “100% natural virgin remy” right? However, not every hair offered online is identical. In the following paragraphs, I am likely to explain what virgin locks are and just what remy locks are and provide you with some tips on what not get scammed by falling for any ridiculously low cost.

Let us begin with virgin hair:

Virgin hair are exactly that, virgin, this means it has not been touched by processing by any means If locks are virgin which means the one who donated (or offered) their head of hair towards the extension maker never did any processing for their hair by any means and the organization that harvested your hair making it right into a weft did not process it by any means either. BTW – Washing doesn’t count as processing, please wash hair regularly.

Main Point Here: When the hair you’re searching to purchase has already established ANY processing steps completed to it, chemical or non-chemical, then it’s not virgin. Don’t think the hype! (Sorry for that Public Enemy reference lol – however i love P.E.)

Now let us discuss remy hair:

Remy hair are hair extensions maker has had the time and money to make certain all the roots and ends from the donor hairs that comprise the weft are pointed in the same direction. This enables the weft to circulate and become your personal natural hair does. Genuine remy hair won’t tangle or snag when looked after correctly.

Main Point Here: When you purchase remy hair online, inspect the merchandise carefully and make certain all the roots and ends are organized as I have just described.

Be also careful whenever a hair seller informs you their locks are “single attracted”. Single attracted remy hair wefts come from one donor and command the greatest grade and cost. Single attracted natural virgin remy hair (grades 6A and above) is extremely costly. You won’t find the real thing in a cheaper cost when the store has been honest. I am just being honest along with you. If you’re on a tight budget, (real) grade 5A is going to do you right. The only real difference is within the way the locks are attracted. 5A virgin remy will feel and look such as the greater grades and it’ll last as long as annually for proper care of it. I’d a customer a couple of years back that wanted her sew-in remade every two days with 6A hair regardless of what. Hey, it had been her money.

Let us talk weight:

It’s also wise to take notice of the weight. A Complete bundle of hair ought to be 100 grams (or 3.52 ounces if you’re a non-metric system person much like me lol) also it takes three bundles to complete the typical mind (longer lengths or perhaps a bigger mind may need four bundles). If your seller states that they’ll sell you three bundles of hair to have an incredibly low cost please read the small print and make certain you are receiving three 100 gram bundles. Less and you’ll finish track of half a weave when you are relaxing in your beautician’s chair. I’ve sent many customers of mine from my shop with 1 / 2 of a hairdo when they run and then try to find enough hair to accomplish their preferred look simply because they got scammed with a site that offered them 50 gram bundles.

What about length?:

Yes ladies, size is important with regards to hair extensions. You will find retailers which will “short” the size of extensions they sell. They’ll sell a 16 inch extension which extension may really be only 15 inches or perhaps shorter. Again look and do not be seduced by a minimal cost without looking into it.

To wrap this up, there are lots of honest hair retailers on the internet which will always let you know the real thing on their own products and you will find some shady ones which will say anything to get the money. In my opinion, you are able to tell a great deal by searching in the cost. Watch out for really low prices that simply appear too good to be real. Read the small print in most listings. Review customer comments ratings and most importantly, create a relationship having a hair store that you simply trust or obtain a solid recommendation. Shopping on cost alone and never having to pay focus on the facts you can get burned when you’re buying extensions online.

I understand that through experience: Each time I’d visit a lady having a “half-do” (when i refer to it as) within our local hair supply store studying the poor hair that’s offered there (as well as in most places like this throughout) to accomplish their hairdo simply because they got scammed by a web-based hair seller, it advised me which i required to write this short article and obtain it there in my readers. I’m not going that to take place.

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