3 Gifts For Newlyweds That Are Affordable And Useful

If you attend a wedding, it’s custom to give the newlyweds a wedding present within 2 months of attending the ceremony. It’s best to give the gift at the reception but you still have time afterwards to come up with the best gift ideas if you’re at a loss. Some guests choose to hold off on the gift giving until after the honeymoon to see what items the couple still needs.

Putting thought into your gift is crucial. Not all wedding gifts are personalized but the best ones are functional. If the present that you choose isn’t useful in some way, it could be stored in a box to collect dust, or even worse, re-gifted. If you’re gift-giving on a limited budget and you’d like to send your favorite newlyweds a functional gift, here are 3 ideas:

First Dinner Date in a Basket

Newly married couples don’t have to try to hold onto the romance because they’re still in the honeymoon phase where everything is sweet and bubbly. One very thoughtful wedding gift that you can give to the ones that you love is a basket of everything they need to have their first at-home dinner date.

Spaghetti noodles, a jar of spaghetti sauce, parmesan cheese, plates, summer sausage, napkins, wine glasses, and two bottles of wine is all you need to make the perfect dinner date basket. Tie it all up with cellophane and people will kick themselves for not having the idea in the first place. The best thing is that the basket can be used later for storage or even to hide clutter from sight.

Storage Containers in Bulk

Storage containers don’t come to mind as the most luxurious wedding gift but they are both inexpensive and useful. If you buy a huge set of quality containers in varied sizes that are good for everything from food storage to seasonal storage, it will be a hit with at least the bride. You can buy the standard plastic containers or a few glass bowls for a touch of class.

If you want to add personal elements to the gift, have pre-printed waterproof stickers printed that say Mr. and Mrs. and it will be a good surprise when they open the box. Throw in the recipe to their favorite meal at their favorite eatery. You could even add an image from the wedding or from their engagement if you wanted to go above and beyond. There are so many different options to get creative.

A Built-In Gift

When you think of a vacuum, you picture a large-box gift that you’ll have to lug into the wedding party. That’s not always the case. If you want to get inventive with your gift-giving, there’s no gift quite like a built-in vacuum system, like these central vacuum parts. By doing your research you can see that this can be a very reasonably prices wedding gift, depending on where you shop from.

There are a few reasons why a built-in vacuum is a great gift. First, you’ll give the newlyweds the gift of time since users won’t take as much time to clean their homes. Secondly, you can give the gift of health because they’ll improve air quality in the residence without spewing bacteria all over. It’s the perfect option for couples that appreciate a clean home.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a genuine smile when your gift is opened. Think about what you would have wanted when you got married and make your decision based on your experiences. These are three affordable gifts ranging in price that can all be used in their own, special way.

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