What You Need To Hold A Wedding Overseas

Weddings are special for both the bride and groom, so keeping the stress to a minimum is essential. You need to factor in venue, guests, and all the legal requirements necessary. Because of this, it’s notorious that planning a wedding can be a very difficult time for anyone involved, whether it be at home or in a different country. Here is a bit of checklist to make sure you have everything you need to make things easier for you when choosing to tie the knot overseas.


Make Sure You Do Meet The Legal Requirements


Depending on the country you want to get married in, the laws regarding this can vary. If you want to join a partner overseas, and hold your wedding there, then you’ll need a de facto visa, otherwise known as a spouse visa. This means they’ll be basking in their homeland with your alongside them.


Some countries have residency requirements for the right to marry, and others do not and just require you to have the correct visa, so plan ahead as much as you can. These requirements aren’t necessarily going to be difficult to understand either, so go through any laws together.


Make Sure The Weather Is Right


If you’re going off to a lovely hot climate, you still need to make sure the temperatures won’t soar too much as to affect the health of everyone at the wedding. Choosing the right month for your wedding can be done via planners online if you really need the help.


If your country of choice is going through a rainy season, make sure the venue can hold up to this kind of weather, and prepare your outfits to suit this kind of environment. For places such as the Caribbean, monsoon season starts in early June and peaks in August and September, and for Thailand it’s between May and November. These are both top wedding destinations for those looking to get hitched abroad, so booking something at the right time will save your day.


Think About Hiring A Wedding Planner


This is a better idea for when you’re holding a wedding abroad instead of your home country. A wedding planner will have a good idea about all the necessary requirements, and is often a local expert filling you in on traditions, party places, and the most beautiful backdrops for your dream wedding.


Think About Wedding Insurance


This is mostly for your peace of mind, but having some wedding insurance when you need to transport all your bits across seas is a great idea. Insurance on travelling weddings typically covers lost rings, flowers, dresses, and the cake. Any gifts from guests will usually come under this as well, so get their presents in early!


Weddings should be happy and stress free, and any planning that went into them should pay off by the end of a ceremony. Having your dream wedding abroad doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what to do, so keep these travelling stipulations in mind.

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