The Introverted Bride’s Wedding Survival Guide

Personality types are often divided into two categories: introverts and extroverts. While extroverts adore the limelight and thrive in social settings, introverts tend to be more low-key ignoring the spotlight and often sticking to a tight-knit inner circle. When planning a wedding, introverts and extroverts also differ significantly. The crowd-loving extrovert may relish the attention as a bride, but the introvert may cringe at the very thought of walking down the aisle.

So how do you plan a wedding when the thought of crowds and all eyes on you makes you want to run for the hills? Introverts, take heed! You can plan your dream wedding without the stress of lots of unwanted attention. Not all weddings have to follow the same format, and yours can be as low-key as your personality.

The first rule, though, is to make your intentions—and discomfort—known to those around you. If your parents are footing the bill, they may have different and more traditional expectations. Maybe they want the large guest list, the fanfare and you to be the center of the event. If this isn’t your dream, talk it out…and work out a wedding plan that fits both of your expectations. Remember that the big day isn’t about your audience, the events or the details—a wedding is about your love and the vows you promise.

To survive and thrive on your wedding day, consider incorporating a few accommodations:

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Keep the ceremony simple.

Chances are, like most introverts, you don’t like major fanfare and surprises. Keep the ceremony simple and elegant. If reciting unique vows makes you uncomfortable, just recite the traditional vows after your officiant. And skip the unity candle lighting if you want to eliminate ‘center of attention’ moments.

Cut the guest list.

One of the most stressful parts of the wedding for introverts is the large crowd of guests watching their every move. If walking down an aisle in front of a large guest list makes you feel uneasy, cut the number down to a reasonable audience. Smaller ceremonies offer a more intimate appeal, and may make introverted brides much more at ease.

Create an escape.

One of the best ways introverts can manage their wedding day stress is to create times to escape the hustle and bustle of the day. An article on BuzzFeed recommends breaks for introverted brides. You can designate a room for your moment of solitude or just escape outside for a breath of fresh air. Just be sure to take time to quiet your stress.


Cut out unwanted traditions.

If you hate attention and all eyes on you, cut out the traditions that focus on the bride. It’s ok to delete the bouquet toss, the garter toss or other traditions that you just don’t like. Not every bride wants to toss a bouquet to single ladies or have their leg exposed to a group of guests.

Receiving lines may be your best friend.

Talking to every guest is an expectation on your wedding day. For introverts, though, making your way around a room may be intimidating. Instead, schedule a receiving line after the ceremony to greet and chat with every guest. You’ll be next to your partner and you may even have a list of topics prepared in advance to reduce your anxiety.

For the introvert bride, the wedding day may be full of anxiety-inducing traditions and moments. This is your big day, and you should create a ceremony that embraces you and your personality. Delete the traditions that induce anxiety and talk about reducing the crowd. Your wedding should be a day to remember…not a nightmare.

About the author:

Naomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and everything weddings!


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  2. I am not an introvert – or not most of the time – and I think I loved the tips! Cutting the guest list seems great to me! Hope you have a nice day and month of November!

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