How To Safely Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain is typical during pregnancy and doctors will also encourage moms-to-be to add a few extra pounds. But, if you are overweight/obese when you get pregnant, weight gain might make the pregnancy a tiring experience for you. Luckily, it is still possible to shed some weight when pregnant and do it safely without affecting the health of your unborn baby. However, losing weight during pregnancy requires a lot of dedication and commitment, and you have to be very careful when doing it. But, here are some ways to shed off a few pounds during the nine months.

#1 Understand Pregnancy Weight

There is nothing wrong with increasing your weight during pregnancy, and it is almost inevitable for many women. But, what is even more significant is the amount that you put on and how fast you do it. And so the best way to lose weight during pregnancy is first to understand how much weight you need to put in during the nine months of pregnancy.

Although this might not sound like a way to help you lose weight, it will help you manage it, and it might eliminate the need to shed any pounds because you can avoid gaining too much. Start by checking your body mass index and follow the pregnancy weight gain guidelines that your healthcare provider will give you.

#2 Check Your Calorie Intake

Just because some life is growing in you, it is not an excuse to eat more or take a lot of junk foods. It is a fact that cravings will always be there during pregnancy but it is essential to monitor your calorie intake if you want to shed some weight and also prevent gaining too much of it.

Having a calorie deficit or using up more calories than what you are taking is the only way to shed some weight. But every woman should make sure that she does not consume less than 1,700 calories. And this is because this is the minimum that you need to provide enough nutrients and energy for both mom and baby. Also, take prenatal vitamins as they will help to bridge any nutritional gaps without having to eat more food.

#3 Exercise Daily

It is safe to exercise during pregnancy, but it is also vital to talk to your doctor before starting out because some exercises might not be suitable for your pregnancy. Working out daily for about 30 minutes will not only help you lose weight safely, but there is some proof that it can help to reduce the likelihood of congenital disabilities and also help moms to deal with aches and body pain.

Swimming, walking, yoga and some light jogging are some of the best exercises for pregnancy. But, also remember to exercise in the right environment and by wearing proper shoes because swollen feet can prevent you from working out during pregnancy. Some supportive shoes for heavy women will also be necessary for working out for ladies that are already overweight.

#4 Get Enough Rest and Keep Stress level in Check

Getting enough sleep is vital during pregnancy as it helps in the development of the baby and also ensures that you have a healthy pregnancy. But, what you might not know is that it can also be a safe way to lose weight. If you sleep enough, you will reduce cravings and will not get the urge or time to consume the comforting junk foods.

Keeping your stress levels in checking and controlling your anxiety will also have the same effects. Stress is almost an inevitable issue for pregnant women, and many of them will eat a lot to comfort their body or as a way of forgetting their fears. And so if you can avoid stress and anxiety the chances are that you will not end up eating a lot of junk.


Weight gain is almost inevitable during the nine months of pregnancy because you will have some life growing in you. But it is possible to control the amount of weight that you gain or even shed a few pounds safely. By following the four points above, you should not have any trouble with pregnancy weight management. However, your health and that of your baby should always come first, and you should never diet or do other things that might put your little one in danger. Lastly, the best move is to talk to your doctor or a dietician about safe weight loss during pregnancy.

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