Millennials’ Stamp on the Beauty and Fashion World

If you think that the personification of beauty is predominantly seen on the catwalks and magazine covers – think again. The world of beauty and fashion ideals is changing as we speak, and the generation that is making it happen at this rather enthusiastic pace are the Millennials. Their preference for the natural, green, authentic and unencumbered by social norms and expectations has finally freed fashion from its “hauteur” origins.

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Shifting the perspective


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The growing number of influential fashion voices in the shape of blogs, vlogs and Instagram stars shows a diversifying identity of the fashion scene. These figures are now as loud and as powerful as your upscale designers, if not even more so. The Internet is the “missing link” that has brought the high-end world closer to your average beauty consumer, making it all the more possible to create a style resembling your most beloved divas.

Supermodels such as Gigi and Bella Hadid are making their name known in the streets not merely by their work on the runway, but in their free time. You might not gain their reputation with your fashion savvy, but you sure as hell can rock their look, although they are even more likely to inspire you to go above and beyond simple copying, and into the adventure of authentic self-expression.

Going green

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The green revolution is in full swing in the fashion and beauty universe. Millennials’ code of conduct is rooted in respect towards Mother Nature and creatures that share our planet with us, so they are glad to go to great lengths for their look to reflect their beliefs. This means choosing durable, sustainable brands with work ethics that surpass labour market abuse or animal cruelty, which is particularly noticeable in societies such as Australia and Scandinavia, but the rest of the world is quick to follow.

However, they have also found an ingenious way or two to make those wardrobe items and beauty bottles as appealing and fashionable as their synthetic-based predecessors. They would prefer to choose vintage, used and locally made than to go for mass produced items without a soul. And they are ready to go that extra mile to pay more for greater value, although they do try their best to make these items as accessible as possible.

Keeping it pure and simple

Another aspect of their eco awareness and practical spirits is their choice to simplify the shopping and wearing experience as much as possible. From a very consumeristic viewpoint, they have switched towards a more minimalistic approach, and one that boasts versatility and availability. They tend to create capsule wardrobes full of basic pieces and trustworthy brands such as Birkenstock. Their shopping experience and all of its stages, from trying on to purchasing, has mostly migrated online.

As a result of this preference, fashion and beauty vendors can now overcome tremendous geographical distances and make their products widely-available to the entire world. Purchasing shoes, designing custom-made bags or shopping for hair extensions online has become a fast-growing Millennial habit. They like the comfort and style of modern shopping and they make the most of it for every single item they need, no matter how big or small it may be.

Making a statement

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In their shrewd, innovation-oriented minds, fashion and beauty no longer represent the superficial. On the contrary, they are their main weapons where words will fail, and an opportunity to make themselves heard, known, distinctive, and remembered. That is why they will always choose brands who share their values, put their customers first, and empower authentic, raw personalization every step of the way.

Social media has made it possible to exchange opinions, share reviews and give an honest, fluff-free piece of mind on everything that is happening in the industry. Clever marketing tactics, empty slogans and false promises cannot fool Millennials. They are the leaders unmasking vague sales attempts and above all else, they are the new face of fashion. Because this time – it’s truly personal.


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