7 Magical Honeymoon Destinations in Southeast Asia You Can’t Afford To Miss

A honeymoon should be the one holiday with no limitations. If you are an average middle-class person, that’s your one opportunity to go wild and completely indulge yourself. Seeing that it is unique, we all try to spend it in a unique way in a dreamy place. For most of us, more or less drawn into the western way of living, Asia is the mystical fairytale land with hundreds of places to visit for our honeymoon so I am going to try to narrow down the list and you can feel free to let me know whether you have visited any of these and share your experience.

Ko Kut Island, Thailand

This is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands according to some. It is highly popular throughout the part of the year without monsoon, once the monsoon season starts, it is somewhat easier to find accommodation, but also harder to enjoy the island. This is why it is best not to visit the island from May to October. It offers a variety of activities as it has a jungle in its hart, white sand beaches and turquoise sea one can only imagine seeing. There are several waterfalls you can enjoy on one of your hiking tours of the island. Depending on your accommodation, as a couple. you can get a romantic pampering and additional services.

Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak can offer you romance of your lifetime. You can enjoy the nature, the beaches, and the perks your accommodation has to offer. However, it is a busy city and it can offer a very active honeymoon with a modern-type of entertainment for those who like to stay active and leave romance for the evenings.You can visit a superhero park to learn how to rock climb, visit nature for strolls, watch beautiful fire shoves, stay in a gypsy caravan, enjoy the food or walk the beach

Chiang Rai, Thailand

This is a city in Thailand’s northern region. You can take a tour of the town and get to know its rich history. Visit the Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park to explore the white buildings made of teakwood which will take your breath away. More importantly, this is a perfect holiday for those in love with nature and animals. They can visit Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and resort. If you are really curious, feel free to seek further recommendations from experts like 1000 Trees who offer cheap hotel deals and valuable information for exploration of this region of the unmatched beauty of the Golden Triangle.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. Hoi An has a number of activities available to honeymooners. Apart from the beaches, Hoi An can offer you its history and its nature. You can enjoy the city by taking a cycling tour or on foot. One of the unique ways of exploring is by doing a treasure hunt which is one of the tours also available in the city’s offer. Apart from the incredible sunsets, the city also has a great historical heritage which is available to you to explore during several of the excursions you can take.

Song Saa, Cambodia

Song Saa is a private island located in Cambodia. I can be rude enough to say that this is a destination for ‘lazy’ honeymooners who are after a luxurious honeymoon. Romance is all around, embedded in beautiful sunsets on the private white-sand beaches. Another thing you can enjoy on the beaches is water sports such as sailing, waterskiing, snorkeling etc. With the all-inclusive service, there is not much for you to do but enjoy.


Mulu, Malaysia

Apart from being able to enjoy luxurious services of luxurious holidays, Mulu offers a unique set of sites. Here are all forms of landscape present in the area and you can visit them all. You can enjoy the rainforest and hike, enjoy the wildlife and take a night tour to see the animals that you normally would not be able to. Alternatively, you can explore the many caves in the area.

Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is the perfect place to begin and to end this list. This is another one of our relaxing holidays which will allow you to enjoy dinners at a beach and spa treatments. However, for the more active one, there are recreational activities you can take part in. There is something for every pocket so you can choose the amount of pampering based on the type of the hotel you choose to visit. You can have a change of scenery every day, today you are on a beach, tomorrow in a rain forest, the next day you are on a cliff.


The list was a hard one to make with so many places left over to mention. You can turn each of the holidays into a romantic gateway centered on the two of you or you can enjoy the many activities as a team and build the spirit of togetherness.


  1. Eξωτικά και μαγευτικά μέρη με υπέροχα τοπία και όμορφη κουλτούρα !
    Καλο βράδυ Ντέμη μου!Πολλα φιλιά !

  2. I would love to go to Vietnam! But it seems I was granted the choice to visit India, still deciding! Hope you have a nice day and that you are fine!

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