Tips To Look Stylish after 40

A woman in her 40’s is at the zenith of her beauty. By the time you turn 40, you have probably established your own style that characterises you. You don’t have to change your habits, but you can adjust your appearance to your facial and body changes.

Make up

Less is more as long as we refer to make up. Heavy foundation can reveal your fine lines. Highlight your good features without exaggerations. Liquid foundation is applied more easily on more mature skin. Natural shades are a safe choice and you can use the ones that match your eye and hair color. It would be better to avoid shimmery shades.

Give emphasis on your skincare and keep your daily make up routine simple.

Well shaped eyebrows determine your whole face image, so make sure to keep your eyebrows neat with a brow pencil definer.

wavy lace wigs



By following the latest fashion trends, you may fail to achieve the expected results. If you have always been a fashion junkie, you don’t need to transform to a conservative lady. Just don’t fall in the trap of serving the latest trends that celebrities promote.

If you have second thoughts about adopting a new style, maybe your instinct is right and you should stay away from it.

Celebrities’ job is to attract attention, but do you want all eyes on you too?

If you have supported a certain air, for example a rock genre, you can keep wearing your favourite style’s clothes, but you could soften your appearance a little.




As women get older, we tend to turn to shorter hairstyles. The main reason is the lack of hair volume as aging result and because of the damage the hair has suffered from hair dyes and styling products.

In case you prefer yourself with a longer mane hair extensions is the easiest solution. Clip-in extensions can offer you volume and length in an instant.

Clip-in Hair Extensions


Many young men have a crush on women older than them. The reason is the women’s confidence. A succesful person, who has achieved some accomplishments and has experienced failures too, is mature enough and doesn’t need extravagant accessories to define her.

Complete your outfits with items that flatter your silhouette. Getting older many times means changes on your body figure. Spandex can be your ally in keeping wearing your tight dresses without worrying your belly will stick out.

If time has made it harder for you to walk on high heels, replace your old pumps with correspondingly stylish lower shoes.


In conclusion, a woman after 40 is still young and can wear whatever makes her feel comfortable with. There aren’t any certain rules to follow, but keep in mind you don’t have to battle to fit in your teenage years’ clothes. It is natural to discover new styles as you’re evolving.

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