Barber Shop or Salon: Which Works the Best for You?

As you turn the pages of fashion magazines and look at the perfect hairstyles some of the men in the industry have, you tend to get inspired. Your favorite celebrity could have the hairstyle you want so badly but the salon you visit never gets it right. Most men face this problem when they go to a salon for getting a haircut. Many salons have professional cosmetologists who look like experts, but you find something missing after they cut your hair. All you need is a visit to a mens barber shop which can change your whole perception on haircuts.

The Difference between a Salon and a Men’s Barber Shop

Many men, are used to going to a local salon for a haircut. What seems like a good idea leaves you disappointed as you don’t get the hairstyle you wanted. You could blame yourself for not explaining what you wanted to your hair-dresser properly. However, the real blame lies with them. A cosmetologist is not a specialist in haircutting. They do get training for that but along with other services like hair coloring, perming, and styling, their training leans more towards styling women than men.

The chief reason why you should visit a mens barber shop is that barbers know how to cut men’s hair. Unlike salon employees who are more adept with scissors, barbers are professionals with clippers. That is what a man needs to get a good hairstyle that they can stick with. Men’s barber shops are manly in every sense. From the kind of services, you get there to the kind of atmosphere they have, everything is about what men love. It is more like a hangout of like-minded men getting together to help each other look their best.

Knowing Mens Hair the Best

Barbers are trained professionals who know how to cut your hair. They are more in tune with the trending hairstyles and know how to improvise with them. If you blame yourself for not being able to explain the haircut you want, your barber understands even then. At a mens barber shop, you go in expecting a style that makes you feel good and that is what you get. A barber is your best bet if you want to know which style would suit you the best.
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When Should You Go?

Now that you know why you should choose a mens barber shop over a hair salon, you would also like to know how many times you should visit one. If your schedule permits, once every week should be good. Even once every two weeks can work if your hair grows slowly. If you had been a guy who used to get a haircut monthly, you must have grown used to comments that are passive-aggressive in their sense. Words like, “You look good now with this haircut”, are subtle references that mean you looked shabby before that haircut. Looks matter and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Look Sharp, Everyday

If you pay close attention to your haircut and your shaving regime, you are easily establishing a good impression. People look at you and they know that you are a person of good habits. Especially if you are a sales person or deal with important people every day, your haircut should be neat. This gives your clients a sense of confidence and you feel more confident as well. The best thing is you don’t even have to do anything more than taking some time out.

Go to a mens barber shop the next time you want a good haircut and keep up with the routine weekly. You would never have complaints with your hair again.


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