7 New Year’s Eve Beauty Ideas

Before we say goodbye to this year and the ball drops, there will be plenty of parties and celebrations to attend to usher in the new year. This revelry provides the perfect opportunity to up your glam and try a new look on for the night. So, whether you are feeling flirty, classic, or a little dramatic, we have rounded up the best beauty tips and ideas to get you countdown ready to ring in the New Year.


To help us get in the spirit of the festivities, scroll through the following 7 New Year’s Eve beauty ideas for a gorgeous and bold look at your celebration:


Prep your skin.


Before applying our makeup, you should take a few minutes to create a base and prepare your canvas. Add one or two drops of face oil into your foundation and apply with a sponge. Follow up with a highlighting blush to create a healthy glow. This step will help keep additional makeup from running or fading before the night is over.




New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to add a little sparkle to your look. Wearing eye makeup that contains glitter is a wonderful way to ramp up the glam. You can go bold to create a focal point or use a minimal amount to be subtle. Choose gold or bronze hues, because they are neutral tones and are generally easier to wear due to the undertones of brown. If you are comfortable with a more glamorous shine, feel free to experiment with other metallics like burgundy, jewel tones, or silver.


Flaunt your eyes.


Go for a sexy or glamorous look to make your eyes pop by using liner, shadow, and mascara. Whether you keep it classic or opt for a smoldering smoky eye, use ruby tones and glittery shades for maximum effect. Just remember the key to creating stunning eyes is all in the art of layering and blending shadows. If you really want to make your eyes stand out, choose glitter eyeshadow. For a great in between look, you can achieve a sparkly look by finding the right balance by accenting a natural eye shadow with a light dusting of gold.



Remember to lengthen your eyelashes.


Whether you opt for falsies or prefer to use a lengthening mascara, use these products correctly to make a statement with your eyes. While many of us might be tempted to go for volume, it’s important to note that we don’t want our lashes to compete with our eyes. We ultimately want our lashes to compliment our baby blues or eyes. And, don’t forget about eyeliner. Maintain tight lash lines or smudge an intense black eyeliner to fake thicker eyelashes.


Go Red.


If you are wanting to create the perfect kissable mouth to ring in the new year, start the evening off with a set of stunning red lips. Studies show that women who wear red lipstick are often perceived as more attractive and will hold a man’s gaze longer than those wearing a more subtle shade. Choose a bold red color and look for a moisturizing formula to prevent flaking or fading after the clock strikes midnight.


Don’t get burned.


Avoid razor burn and other skin blemishes like ingrown hairs or irritated rashes by treating your skin gently when removing hair. Remember to shave with the grain, use shaving creams, and moisturize afterwards. This will keep you comfortable in your own skin and prevent any uncomfortable itching or awkward rashes that might deflate your ability to enjoy your New Year Eve bash.


Create your own home spa.


Soak away all the worries and stress of last year and welcome in the new year by rejuvenating and pampering yourself at home. After the holidays and stress of winter, spending a day at home can be a much needed blessing. Draw a warm bath, use your favorite soaps or salts, light a few candles, play soothing music, and add your favorite flowers to create the perfect relaxing spa environment. Afterwards, use your favorite facial products and moisturizers to finish the experience.


What New Year’s Eve beauty ideas or suggestions can you share?


About the author:

Naomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and everything weddings!


  1. Create a home spa and shine is what caught my eyes! I love highlighters and shiny things to wear and I also looove a nice bath with bubbles in the bath tub! I would like to wish you a great new year, with lots of fun, joy, happiness, health and all what your heart wishes! Happy 2018!

  2. Υπέροχες ιδέες Ντέμη μου!
    Καλη χρονια με υγεία και αγάπη!
    Καλα να περάσετε!
    Πολλα φιλάκια!

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