Plastic surgery trends around the world – crazy or not?

Until recently, plastic surgery results used to be easily noticeable. Today, people going under the knife demand more natural and gentle look. Despite this fact, there is a wide range of plastic surgery trends around the world – some worth all the money, others seem to be weird and incomprehensible, and a few of them are nothing but absurd.

1. Injections instead of going under the knife

One of the most desirable plastic surgery trends refers to the so-called fat-melting injections. They represent a comfortable way of removing the fat essence beneath the chin without undergoing traditional surgeries. They may also be used for dealing with fat piled up above the knee and other problematic areas. In the near future, even lipomas may be treated this way, which would be a major achievement not only for plastic surgery, but medicine in general.


2. Anybody can have dimples…

As unbelievable as it might sound, you don’t have to be born with dimples in order to have a cute childlike smile. A dimple creation is called dimplectomy – a surgical procedure that implies incision inside the cheek. Scars are invisible and recovery is neither painful nor complicated. The most importantly, artificial dimples show up only while smiling, just like the real ones.

3. …Or new belly button

A belly button surgery is gaining the momentum all around the world. Even though belly button is small and unnoticeable, it might represent a problem during swimsuit season and reason for many people going under the knife. Umbilicoplasty is an aesthetical procedure that transforms outie into innie. It doesn’t require general anesthesia and the recovery process lasts for maximum a couple of weeks. But, is it really indispensable?

4. Fatty, yet still beautiful lips

No matter how safe and reliable injectable fillers are, some patients don’t like having synthetic materials implemented into their bodies. Therefore, fat transfer to the lips represents one of the best plastic surgery trends. This procedure includes the patient’s own fat being used to increase their lip volume. It provides full ‘natural’ lips which improve total facial appearance. What is more, it guarantees long-lasting results.


5. Getting buttocksicated?

The popularity of certain plastic surgery procedures vary from country to country. Each culture has its own ideal of beauty. For example, in Brazil, one of the top countries when it comes to the number of aesthetic surgeries per year, round and lifted bottom is related to beautiful women. Accordingly, a number of Brazilian women opt for well known ‘Brazilian but lift’. However, it can be risky due to possible fat embolism development that eventually might be lethal. Patients should thoroughly reconsider the consequences before having this surgery.

6. Or getting taller?

One of the weirdest and most foolish plastic surgeries is limb lengthening. This painful and long-lasting treatment includes the lengthening of limbs by force. Not only is it eccentric, but also dangerous since it can result in limb amputation. Whatever the reasons for their choices are, everybody should ask themselves whether it’s worth the risk or not.

7. Sex change

Since Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, transgender persons have started coming out of closets and undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Although it is still considered to be weird and misunderstood by some, this procedure represents a great deal to others. It helps transgender persons become who they really are and live a life they always dreamed of.

8. Vagina becoming young again

The treatment of vaginal rejuvenation has evolved recently as labiaplasty is slowly becoming the past. With the help of laser treatments, vagina can be tightened and its sensitivity and lubrication improved. These new treatments aren’t just of cosmetic nature. They could be of great interest to older women because they offer the urinary incontinence improvement just as well.


9. Cloned by chance

Surprisingly, South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world in comparison to the number of citizens. Most frequently requested facial features are smaller noses, V-shaped chins and new eye shape. Even if there is nothing extraordinary about it, the popularity of their combination was to blame for 20 beauty pageant contestants sharing almost identical facial features and becoming familiar for it all around the world.

Crazy or not, every novelty related to plastic surgery becomes widely accepted eventually. Plastic surgery has been evolving rapidly, so we can just wait to see what is going to appear on this list in not so distant future.

About the author:

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  1. I knew some procedures, but not all. Some are dangerous, some really necessary, like the belly button surgery? But well, if that makes someone happier, why not 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Δεν θα τολμούσα να κάνω τίποτα απο ολα αυτά!
    Στην ιδέα φρικάρω Ντέμη μου!! ?
    Καλο βράδυ!

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