Living On The Road: Ways To Maintain Your Health While Traveling

Traveling represents a big change in many ways – we change our location, the climate, the people around us and our habits. Nothing is as we are used to. The longer the traveling lasts, the more effect it has on our mind and bodies (and our financial status!). There are different types of traveling – some people go on a holiday, some go on shorter or longer business trips, and some work and travel for a long period of time. Whatever the type is, one thing is for sure – our diet will be changed significantly, as our daily routine and surroundings change. Still, if you are willing to stay on the path of a healthy diet as much as you can, even on the road, there are some things to bear in mind.

Before the trip

In order to have fewer problems during your traveling, you need to do some preparation before you actually take off.

Choice of the hotel

The important thing about your hotel room is that it has a mini-fridge. This way, you will be able to carry a lot of healthy food with you that you can keep in the fridge and also save quite an amount of money by avoiding eating out.

If you can’t decide between several hotels, go through Google Maps search and check which one of them is close to supermarkets and stores. They will be useful for a quick visit and for supplying yourself with water or fruit.

Choice of food

Depending on the length of your traveling and your means of transport, plan carefully what type of perishable and nonperishable food you’re going to take with you. At least some food can fit into your suitcase if you’re not traveling by car.

During the trip

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When on the road, it’s difficult to maintain the same diet as when at home. Still, there are some things that you can pay attention to and make the best of it.

Carry a water bottle

Water is a necessity, especially while traveling, so always carry a bottle of water with you. People very often feel fatigued as a result of dehydration, nothing else. What’s more, sometimes our bodies trick us into thinking we’re hungry when actually all we need is water.

Structured meals

A balanced diet is best kept if you take care of each meal during the day. It means starting the day with healthy breakfast which implies keeping your blood sugar under control and intake of proteins. If you’re in a hotel, check the menu – eggs or peanut butter with whole wheat toast are a good choice. If you’re making your own breakfast, yogurt and fruit are easy to buy at a supermarket, but you can also carry a vegan protein powder with you and quickly make a protein shake combined with raspberries, chia seeds, avocado or almond milk. Lunch is the next meal not to be missed – try to sit for a while and enjoy it, even if you’re sightseeing. A salad with fish is a smart choice, as well as a veggie burger if you really have to eat and walk. If you want to try out the local cuisine, do it, just mind the size of the portion. In the end, dinner should be light, as the last meal of the day when energy isn’t needed anymore.

Technique with restaurants

When choosing which restaurant to go to, use Google or Trip Advisor to find out which restaurant offers gluten-free or grass-fed food. This is how you’ll be sure that the food you eat is of the best quality. While ordering salads in a restaurant, ask the waiter to replace the dressing with olive oil and to hold croutons or cheeses, as they are full of unnecessary calories. Lastly, you can always ask for a double portion of vegetable instead of other offered sides.

Be active

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When in another place, make the best of it – be active and explore the surroundings. Walking is the best way to get to know a location. Put on some comfortable shoes and go! When not sightseeing, try to find another form of exercise, whether it is a swimming pool in the hotel or cycling around.

Don’t stress out

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All of these tips won’t mean a lot if you’re stressed out on the road. When under stress, our bodies don’t digest food properly, which means we are not getting enough nutrients that we need. Don’t worry too much about the imbalanced diet on the road – do what you can and enjoy the experience, stress will do you no good.

All in all

In general, our diet while traveling can’t be completely the same as when we’re home. No matter how much planning you put into it, there will always be unpredictable situations along the way. And that’s perfectly fine, as long as you enjoy your time.

About the author:

Helen Bradford is a student who enjoys writing about health, interior and exterior design. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.

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