New York Fashion Week Street Style Vibes

New York fashion shows are among the most famous and most popular in the whole world. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see that so many creative people have flocked there, and to our joy, we have a chance to discover something other than the designer-dictated trends. Street style is a chance for everyone to show off their style and find inspiration for their own looks without actually having to look at designers, but rather just look around and take notice of the amazing individuals who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Long live the ‘80s



It seems as if we’re traveling further back in time with each new season. After recurring ‘90s trends of crop tops and high-waisted jeans, we’ve jumped straight to the ‘80s. At least it seems like that when you look at some of the most prominent street style creations during New York’s Fashion Week. Don’t be afraid to embrace excess and go over the top with your outfit: think big shoulders, neon colors, silver pants, bomber jackets, and elaborate hairstyles that match eye-catching accessories such as huge sunglasses, PVC handbags and shoes with faux fur. The new collections may be hinting at the return of the ‘80s, but the streets have already brought them to life.

Animal print



Let’s put it like this: you don’t have to wear fur and leather to get that fantastic animal print New Yorkers are so in love with. It seems like leopard and zebra prints are appearing on every corner and it doesn’t matter if you’re more into discreet accessories such as zebra shoes or something a bit more flamboyant such as a leopard print coat, you’ll love the upcoming trends. If you’re not sure whether it’s too much for you, just remember that animal print can even appear neutral in fashion, when paired with the right colors. Wear animal print with all-black or perhaps with gray and you’ll be good to go.

Punk-rock princess



For those who are tired of girly girl trends, pastel colors, and frills, the punk-rock princess look is just the right thing. All-black everything is always a good choice, but you can also spice it up with interesting textures and designs. Think about fringe on your leather jacket or on your faux leather handbag, or put on an asymmetric black and white gingham skirt that will emphasize your waist. Of course, Dr. Marten’s fierce boots and chunky shoes are a must, but if that’s not really your style, you can find similar women’s shoes online and rock something you like more.


Girly girls



If you’re in the mood for romance and can’t wait for spring to embrace your girly-girl attire, you’re going to love the upcoming trend. Apparently, florals, lace, frills, and pastels are here to stay, and you can proudly wear everything you like without fearing that it will be too much. Baby blue or powder pink faux fur short coats over pink button down shirts and wide linen pants? Why not?! Enhance the romantic atmosphere by proudly wearing your pearl earrings, embroidered shirts, glittery flats, and suede dresses.

Oversized accessories



Those of you who really love getting lost in comfy, oversized pieces are in for a treat – New Yorkers loved it too, and people in oversized everything could be seen everywhere. A trench coat that looks like it was made for two? Just use a wide belt to cinch it at the waist and put on a pair of heels. Boyfriend hoodie? Pair it up with patterned tights and stiletto heels and voila – you look like a daring model. Blanket-like scarves, huge bomber jackets, big bags, big sweaters, big coats, and maxi dresses are all welcome, but of course, not all at the same time. Try balancing an oversized piece with another one that will show off a part of your figure.

Fashionistas from all over the world have been holding their breaths waiting for New York Fashion Week to begin, and while we were all breathless and starry-eyed because of the amazing creations we saw on the runway, ordinary people ‘ruled’ the streets. For years now, the street style around big fashion weeks has been drawing everyone’s attention and for good reason – ladies and gentlemen really have style and aren’t afraid to show it to the world, and now, you can find inspiration in their creations to enrich your own style.

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Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

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  1. Ωραία αναρτηση!Μου αρέσουν πολυ τα μποτάκια και οτι σε animal print!
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