Show That Smile: A Short Guide to Building Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is so important because it impacts you and the world around you. When a person has a healthy sense of self-esteem, they deal with people and relationships in a positive and productive way. When a person has low self-esteem, they tend to either abuse relationships or they attract abusive relationships. Neither is good so consider these four ways to build your personal self-esteem.


Exercise is such an important part of building your self-image. Understand that exercise is vital for a healthy and vibrant life. There’s a difference between exercise and weight loss. Oftentimes, people know they don’t want to lose weight and so they avoid exercise. Exercise is amazing for mental health, cardiovascular and body maintenance. Just because a person is skinny doesn’t mean they’re in optimal health. Exercise is a positive way to reinforce self-care.

Mindset Development

For anyone to develop their mindset, it’s so important to develop a routine for a positive mindset. Reading positive books and listening to helpful podcasts will help a person with their mindset. It’s also very important to watch your personal social media and television appetite. There’s a lot of negativity in the world. Just by opening an app like Instagram or Facebook, the mind is exposed to a lot of negative triggers. It’s important to monitor what outlets and which people you follow. Many people fail to realize how what they take in has an impact on how they feel about themselves.

Personal Upkeep

Personal upkeep is important because it shows yourself and others that you care about your appearance. When a person cares about their appearance, this shows their level of self-care and esteem. This doesn’t mean that a person must wear a full face of makeup and always match. However, being well-groomed and put together shows care. If there are personal areas that could use improvement, actively work on them.

If you’re not feeling confident about your hair, go to the hairdresser and get a new cut or color. This can boost your level of self-confidence and self-esteem. If you’re not crazy about your smile, start working towards fixing it. Visit a dentist like Jay A Hollander DDS or someone similar has the power to make a person feel confident and happy with their smile. Take a look at the area that makes you feel less then and work on it.


In many cases, a person’s self-esteem doesn’t just come from what they look like. It can come from what they’ve done. If you have a habit of giving up or quitting every time something gets hard, consider following through on your commitments. When a person puts their mind to something and completes it, a new level of happiness and confidence takes over in an indescribable way.

Remember that these tips are all a part of the journey. You can’t rush to build healthy self-esteem. It comes with time. However, don’t let the amount of time it takes deter you. Stay consistent and the time will fly by.

About the author:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara is the youngest of four. She has two hilarious brothers and one beautiful sister. She also is the aunt of 5 crazy little girls that she loves more than anything!! Kara is not yet able to be a mom, but she loves being around kids and being like a second mom to her nieces. She dreams of the day that she can start her own little family.


  1. Καλησπέρα Ντέμη μου!
    Ωραία η αναρτηση σου και όσα μας προτείνεις!
    Σου εύχομαι Καλο μηνα και Καλο Σαββατοκύριακο!Φιλια!

  2. So true! For me, the relationship with exercise is so complicated. There were so many little thoughts that might have sounded reasonable, I mean, in relation to diet, exercise, calories, but combined in an individual with little self-confidence and a bit of hidden-away anxiety, it lead to a massive ED. I can”t exactly pinpoint where something was disordered, except for the fact that I was sectioned with a very low body weight. Right now I”m exercising again, but less frequently (and I never run for more than 30 min I hate long runs! ? ) and I prioritize work, my relationship and even food over it. If I can”t exercise and gain weight but make advancements in other areas of life, so be it. ? For example, today I”m having a bit of a strain in my neck and I decided to stay in bed until I have to get up for work tonight. Something that seemed unbelievable when I was in the depths of my ED. I also don”t want to join a gym because I tend to compare myself with others. Seeing all those toned bodies, chiseled by lots of “discipline and clean food or macronutrietent counting would not be good for my mental well-being.

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