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While spring is great in many ways, the shifting temperatures and the fact that we don’t know whether to leave the house with a jacket on or not isn’t doing us fashion lovers any favors. How to be stylish from morning to evening, and how do we make sure our office looks are polished yet beautiful? Well, this year’s trends can sure help us out, so if you’re looking for a way to please your fashion senses and look professional at work let’s take a look at some cool suggestions.

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Jean jackets


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Denim is incredibly popular this year, but since it’s a bit difficult to pull off jeans at work and still look professional, we recommend that you rely on a good denim jacket. It’s a little sassy but it’s a really good piece because it can take you from a polished for the office, to a slightly more casual look that you can rock in the evening when you go out for drinks. A denim jacket is easy to wear with almost anything, so it’s a pretty great investment because you can take it pretty much anywhere with you.

Gingham to bring the fun


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Here’s a print that’s totally office appropriate yet absolutely beautiful – gingham. Why not pick out a trendy pink gingham blouse to wear underneath your blazer, or maybe a red gingham headscarf to fold and style your hair with and give it a cool pin-up vibe. If you want to stick out as the stylish one at work, this is a totally cool way to do it because it’s totally business-appropriate, if a tiny bit quirky.

Pantsuit craze is still high


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Those oversized, masculine-cut pantsuits aren’t going anywhere, so if you want something that’s basically a combination of super serious and high-style runway fashion, we recommend that you get yourself a pantsuit. However, you don’t have to play up the androgyny at all. Sticking to a slimmer, more feminine shapes is also super trendy this year, so pick your pink suit and enjoy the girl power fantasy as you walk to work.

Ultra-feminine florals


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Bored with all the masculine details? A good floral may not sound like the most shocking direction for spring, but it is absolutely trendy, and what’s more important, it’s effective. If you are going out for a dinner with clients, finding some pretty designer dresses online that incorporate a floral print and pairing them with a smart blazer and a pair of classy pumps is a good way to communicate style. You’ll be showing them that along with your business cleverness and high-class polish, you’re also unafraid of embracing your femininity.

Cinch it at the waist

Wide belts are all the rage for this spring, and you can wear them with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a button-down blouse for a simple office look. However, if you want a little more spice with your fashion, we recommend that you cinch your blazer, or even your coat with a wide belt. It’ll give you more of an hourglass figure and make you super stylish to top it off!

Wide-leg pants


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Loose, wide-leg pants are one of the most comfortable spring trends this year, and we’re loving the high-waisted pastels paired with shirts and blouses in creamy, off-white colors. While you can absolutely stick to navy or black pants, we do think that this is a good opportunity to have some fun and pick brighter colors that can instantly make your entire outfit look vibrant. Wear these pants with a wide belt, or wear tie a scarf around your waist like a sash for a full-on seventies vibe.



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White is in this year, and there is no easier way to make a statement at work than an all-white getup. Just imagine yourself in an all-white suit and brown heels, or a white dress with a colorful blazer over it and you can already see the effect. White makes you look really polished, capable, and it’s the perfect choice for that big meeting that’s coming up where you want to present yourself well.


Enjoying the warm weather so far? Now’s the right time to go shopping and fill up your wardrobe with stylish new pieces, so enjoy our suggestions and have fun putting together fun outfits.

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