How to Repair Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery is the mark of sophistication, but on one of those days when you don’t see your pearl jewellery is in good shape, then it needs to be repaired. But can you believe that you can easily do a pearl jewellery repair at your home?

Let’s find out how –

Knotting Pearls – You might know that pearls are knotted together. But with time, if the pearls begin to fall then you must check the silk thread. It can stretch out and that’s the reason why the pearls have started to fall.  Thus, you need a new silk thread and tie all the pearls together.

Pearl necklace is Shorter – Yes, with time, the silk thread begins to tighten and if you go on with re-knotting the pearl again and again then, of course, the new version of the necklace will be shorter and tighter to your neck.

Cleaning and Knotting – Do you know that over time your pearl necklace will lose its shine and whiteness and thus you need to open the knot, clean the pearls and then knot them again. With this, your pearls will have the shine and luster on them for a long time.


Silk Vs Nylon – you might hear people suggesting that nylon thread is better than silk to hold your pearls for a longer time. But we strongly believe that pearls are best when tied to a silk thread and thus make sure that you tie your pearls only on a silk thread.

Double Knots – Double Knots are not that great thing to go with a pearl necklace. Knots are not meant to be seen on your pearl necklace and thus your knots should be as thin and small as possible. Thus, try to avoid the double knots and go on with a single knot only.

Pearl Glue – There is a thing called pearl glue where glue is used on your pearls to make them stick together. But the problem is that sometimes glue enters the hole and thus gets stuck there which makes it difficult to move the thread through the pearl. So, if you’re stuck in that kind of a situation then you can only do drilling and come up with a new hole.

Adding and Matching – You can definitely add pearls to your existing pearl jewellery but matching them together might be a small issue. Thus, make sure that the new pearls you bring should be exactly like the old pearls. Else, matching them together will definitely become a big issue.


Multi Strand Necklace – When you have a multi-strand necklace then make sure that all your strands are open and repaired and brought back into a new shape. It’s because all the strands in a multi-strand are connected to a single place and thus if you break any one strand then the effect will be same on all the strands together. So, make sure that you open all of them in order to get the entire necklace as good as new.

Graduated Pearls – Though you can repair your pearl jewellery easily at your home, but the truth is that not all of them can be repaired at home and graduated pearls are one of them. They are quite a problematic pearl which has a different sized hole and thus knotting and bringing them together is an entirely new experience. So, the best is to leave it in professional hands.

Precious Metal beads – Precious metal beads are not meant for knotting. It is because precious metal beads have bigger holes and thus the knots will be visible and with constant wearing the knots will come closer to the holes and they will eventually open up.

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