10 Tips: Fix Your Yard To Sell Your House

The curb appeal of your house refers to how your home and yard look from the street. Your house’s first impression. Potential buyers base a lot of their decision on a home’s curb appeal. Too often, people focus solely on the building itself without taking proper time and attention to the home’s outdoor landscaping. A well-maintained and appealing landscape can add up to ten percent to the value of your home.

Begin preparing your landscape along with your home at least a month prior to the first showing so that you have time to properly prepare everything for the critiquing eyes of potential buyers. Below are ten tips to move your yard from mediocre to magnificent.

One: Fix up outdoor containers

Fix up outdoor containers

If you do not currently have any, consider purchasing several container plants to add points of interest to your patio, porch, or doorway. Large tropicals, in particular, add a touch of color and texture to the entranceway that potential buyers will approach. When done right, container plants reveal the future possibilities of designing with container plants.

Two: Apply new mulch

Probably the most important step in improving the curb appeal of your home is simply in touching up the mulch. Mulch is inexpensive, readily available (even in winter months), and easy to apply. Generously cover all garden beds in a new layer of mulch to instantly spruce up the image of your property. The color contrast between the mulch and the surrounding plants will add an attractive touch to any yard.

Three: Plant new flowers

Plant new flowers

Flats of new flowers can be purchased at a relatively low price and will add just the right touch of color to  your landscape. You can choose to go with various colors, a planned pattern of colors, or something that matches the season, such as oranges, yellows, and reds in the autumn and pinks, purples, and other pastels in spring.

Four: Trim and shape trees and shrubs

Even if it’s not trimming season, you should tackle any overgrown or unsightly trees and bushes prior to showing your house to the public. Cut back long branches that stick out from the general shape of the plant and trim away any dead branches or leaves with the help of experts at  http://www.louisvilletreeservices.net/. It’s okay to prune deciduous trees and bushes year round, and trimming will give the appearance of a well-maintained landscape, even if you have recently neglected your yard to prepare your house for sale. 

Five: Spruce up perennial beds

Now that you have new mulch to make your garden beds appear neat and clean, take a little time to tidy up annuals, perennials, and other herbaceous plants. If a plant is beyond repair, replace it or fill its place with a decorative pot. If you would like to take any plants with you to your new residence, now is the time to do so. At the very least, you must inform the potential buyer as to which plants you intend on removing so he knows what to expect when he moves in.

Six: Clean up water features

Remove algae and dead leaves. Clean or replace the filter. Repair any issues with the pump or other part of the fountain or pond. Ensure that the water is crystal clear and the surrounding area is clean.

Seven: Repair sprinkler or irrigation problems

Test your sprinkler or irrigation system and repair any issues, even minor ones. Include detailed information about your irrigation schedule, particularly if yours runs on an automatic timer. Providing details about the system itself and how it works best in your experience will be helpful information for the new buyers.

Eight: Repair faucets

Repair faucets

Do not neglect outdoor faucets. Check for leaks, which may indicate a more serious problem elsewhere in the plumbing system. Consider watering your plants or running your irrigation system prior to each showing as evidence that your plants and lawn are well-maintained.

Nine: Label plants

Consider labeling outdoor plants or providing a map with plant names and special needs, such as daily watering or plenty of sunlight. If you simply provide a name for each plant species, the new owner will be able to research care instructions. Some buyers have even made a plant inventory in scrapbook form for prospective buyers to view while touring the home, providing a powerful first impression.

Ten: Power wash surfaces

Use a power washer to clean brick or vinyl siding, paved surfaces, and even fences. This is an especially helpful option when you are unable to repaint or refinish surfaces prior to a showing.

Each and every little effort towards perfecting your home – both inside and out – can help make or break a chance at an offer from a prospective buyer. Take time to fix your yard using these ten tips, and you will most certainly see a sale sooner than you think.

About the author:

Nadine is a wandering writer and blogger. She loves travelling and exploring new places, and finding hole-in-the-wall dining places. As a wannabe cook, she loves discovering new recipes and ingredients, like the versatile coconut oil (and yes, she uses it on just about anything and everything). On lazy days, Nadine is spending time at the beach with her fur-babies, Pepe and Pido.


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  2. Great tips! It doesn´t actually add t the value of the house but it does affect the buyers final decision. And, if you don´t sell the house, well, at least you have a cute garden! ?

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