How to Incorporate Mediterranean Sensuality into Your Style

Whether you’re planning a stylish vacation or even a quick getaway somewhere in the Mediterranean area, it’s paramount to look the part. There is a common misconception that the styles that are a kind of a signature for the French Riviera are the same as those that are distinctly Mediterranean, but there is a very clear difference between the two. Make no mistake about it, these signature styles are both breathtaking in their own way, but they are two almost completely different styles. The only element that ties them together is the summery nonchalant vibe they help the wearer exude, but other than that, they go their separate ways.

So, whether you’re flocking to one of the exotic Mediterranean destinations this summer or simply want to snag the style and rock it even in your hometown, and be as sophisticatedly sensual as one can possibly be, these are the rules to follow.

Life should be so simple

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When selecting pieces for the creation of your chic and sensuous Mediterranean summer outfits the first factor to take into account is the color palette. This region tends to gravitate more towards a warm, muted palette consisting of such shades as black, camel, sand, chocolate brown and olive green. Make no mistake about it, even though you won’t instantly associate these earthy tones with sensuality, they most definitely can be and are sensual, especially when incorporated into the right garments and accessories.

Up for anything

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One of the key things to understand is that sensuality has less and less to do with showing plenty of skin and increasingly more with accentuating your best features and doing your body justice with just the right cuts and silhouettes. This is where the key of sensuality lies – in the perfect cut. Therefore, one of your staples should most definitely be a black mid-calf dress with just a sneak peek of the legs with the powerful usage of tulle stripes. There is absolutely nothing more elegant and luscious than a well-tailored black dress that moves in the direction of the wind. You can wear this dress with stiletto sandals and a simple clutch for a romantic evening event, or ‘dress it down’ for daytime activities with a pair of platform espadrille sandals and although woven bags are amazing, nothing beats the elegance of simple and chic australian made womens bags, especially black ones that you can pair with anything and wear to any occasion.

Hot child in the city

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Olive green high-rise wide-leg trousers (or culottes) that allow plenty of movement are one of the best daytime outfit elements, especially when paired with a sand camisole top and even a light black kimono – hold back the embroidery and other embellishments. A solid woven tote is a perfect accessory that will give you a touch of those bohemian vibes, but won’t go over the top, and your perfect choice of footwear – warm brown espadrilles.

Summertime hotness (no sadness)

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There are of course, more casual yet super-sexy options such as a fitted black ruched V-neck top that reminds of a corset paired up with high-rise shorts in eggshell or sand paired with simple flat sandals and a bit of body oil to get that skin to glisten in the sun. With this outfit not even a sand-colored hat would be over the top and neither would a great wooden statement bracelet. When you go ‘little’ with your outfit, make sure to go big with jewelry while always keeping the color palette in mind.

This lady is quite mysterious

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A simple white kimono with a belt that emphasizes your waist is a definite must-have for when it’s time for cocktails at the beach bar. Of course, your perfect nude beach tote is beside you on the next chair and your wide-brim hat hides you from the inevitable glances along with your oversized round sunglasses. You’re mysterious, you’re elusive and then when you finally get to the beach, everyone will stop to gasp for breath when you take off your kimono to reveal your perfect nude bathing suit. Whether you go for a one or a two-piece, all eyes will be on you as there is nothing more alluring than fabric that is definitely there but plays trick with the eyes and the mind.

Sizzling hot

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The only thing hotter than those breezy Mediterranean nights will be you when you step into a restaurant or just take an evening stroll on your way to one. People will stop and stare and if there were any traffic in the area your look would cause a collision. Why? Because you would be wearing the perfect high-slit dress with a twist front. You will pair it with simple raffia platform sandals and a bamboo clutch, but everyone will be in awe of the dress, so you don’t even have to worry about the accessories. However, a little gold will be perfect for the occasion, so don’t be afraid of putting on a subtle golden necklace that pulls the look towards your décolletage and seals the deal with a pair of structured gold statement earrings.

Finally, days are for little to no makeup and the nights are reserved for that perfect eyeliner wing and a killer shade of red lipstick. Most importantly, don’t ever leave your confidence by the front door because, in order to rock looks as sizzling as these, the crucial element is attitude.

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