The Best Flip-Flop Alternatives

It’s true: None of us could probably live without flip-flops. They’re comfortable, light, and so easy to slip on! But they definitely wouldn’t top any fashion charts, not to mention that they don’t offer much support for the foot. The good news is that there are quite a few alternatives that are equally snug but a tad more stylish. All of them are suitable for warm weather, as well. So, when you need to take your fashion quotient a notch higher than your go-to flip-flops, here’s what you should be wearing instead.

  1. Go Gladiator!

Image via Flickr by apairandaspare 

Gladiator sandals are often flat-bottomed, so you don’t have to contend with sky-high heels. But they definitely don’t compromise on style. All those ankle straps can show off your toned legs to perfection. And if you believe Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo, a gladiator is non-negotiable for the summers. Many of them also come with shorter straps for the impatient ones, and metallic embellishments for more special occasions.

  1. Slip ‘Em On

Photo by Allyson Johnson on Unsplash

Flip-flops are not the only slip-on shoes in the world, you know. Count espadrilles, wedge sandals, mules, and even bomber shoes in the same category. Espadrilles are particularly good-looking, and since they come in so many varieties, you’re bound to find one to your liking. As for wedges, they pair well with most outfits, so you can don them without a second thought. The advantage of rugged slip-on shoes such as loafers and clogs is that you can walk long distances in them without discomfort. For shoes that are as dressy as they are comfortable, why not go with sleek, black mules?

  1. Say Yes to Fashion Sneakers

Photo by Maura Silva on addwigs

If comfort is your main priority, fashion sneakers will do the job very well. They’re much easier on your feet than flip-flops, which tend to flatten the foot’s arches over time. Modern sneakers pair well with casual clothing and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. A simple pair of canvas sneakers is a must-have for everyday wear. Choose plain, leather ones for more sophistication, or orthopedic sneakers for ultimate foot comfort. High-top sneakers can be rather exciting and a great choice for women who prefer to wear skirts and formal dresses.

  1. Experiment With Boat Shoes

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Flat-bottomed boat shoes definitely deserve a place in your shoe drawer. You can slip them on and off with complete ease, and they look great with jeans and trousers alike. These shoes are sportier than loafers and were originally created for wearing on a boat. They are usually available in leather or suede, and don’t need socks or lacing up. Can it get easier than that?

If you want to make a good impression, chic slip-on shoes or sneakers are a much better bet than your worn flip-flops. When it comes to sandals, choose ones with high-quality, cushioned soles that will keep your feet in good shape. Meanwhile, reserve your favorite flip-flops for the beach, and invest in some fancy yet comfy new pairs instead!

Featured Photo by Lexie Barnhorn on Unsplash


  1. Tα gladiator είναι όνειρο!!!
    Ειλικρινά, τα λάτρεψα!
    Καλό βραδάκι, κούκλα μου!
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλάααααα!

  2. Καλημερα Ντέμη μου!
    Ωραια αναρτηση! Προτιμώ τα sneakers και τα flats ,με βολεύουν για περπάτημα!
    Καλο ΣΚ!Φιλάκια!!

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