Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Hair plays such a big role on your image. The hairstyle and length are very important of course, but selecting the appropriate color for your skin and eye color is essential too. When we talk about hair color, brunettes, blondes and readheads are the first images on your mind, but there are so many shades of these colors that you should identify the ones that will flatter your face.


infographic source

If you aren’t sure if you are a winter, autumn, spring or summer type, identifying with a celebrity that you think has the same tones like you may help you figure out what colors fit you.

Cool Tones


Megan Fox


Naomi Watts

Warm Tones


Penelope Cruz


Blake Lively

Have you found your skin tone yet?

Are you satisfied with your current hair color or you’d rather look for a more suitable shade?



  1. Ξανθό μελί το καλοκαίρι και ξανθό Μοκα τον Χειμώνα!
    Καλο βραδυ Ντέμη μου! Φιλάκια!

  2. Είναι και θέμα συνήθειας όμως, δεν είναι?
    Μπορεί -αντικειμενικά- να σου ταιριάζει ένα χρώμα αλλά εσύ να έχεις συνηθίσει ναι κινείσαι αλλού και να μην το τολμάς…
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά, κοριτσάρα μου!
    Καλό βραδάκι!

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