How to Become More Organized for Achieving Better Results

One of the most effective skills that are deeply cherished in the modern world, not only the business one for that matter, are good organizational skills. This day and age are certainly taking their toll on them that often backfires in different areas of our life, making us unable to actually finish whatever we’ve started or planned to do. This is also definitely something that can either make or break our day – but with good organizational skills, it seems that everything’s going smoother and better. This is just one of the reasons why you should strive to excel in this department; not only so that we could enhance our productivity, but also pass these skills on to our children, friends, family.


So, the question remains – how to become more organized? Where do I start?


1. An organized workspace enhances your productivity

Suffice it to say that we all love working in a clean and organized office, but does it really happen that often? The first thing you need to start organizing is definitely your desk and your computer. Do you see that pile of papers that’s lying next to you and you have no idea what you have there? It’s a perfect place to start. Throwing all the unnecessary documents away or storing them in different folders is certainly something that will minimize the clutter. You can also cut down on the stationery and keep only the things that are essential.


Furthermore, make sure that your desktop and computer are also quite organized. You can always install different software that will pop out on your screen reminding you on your to-do tasks, and also place or your files that are lingering on your desktop into different folders such as “done”, “in progress”, “to read”, etc.


2. You can’t achieve time management without prioritization

Be as it may, probably the most difficult thing to organize is actually your time. Time management indeed is something that’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Planning everything in advance might do the trick. Before going to bed, put everything on paper – what are the things that I need to do tomorrow? How much time does it take me to finish each one of them?


What is also quite important is figuring out the priorities, as you might spend more time on something that’s not that urgent and lack time to finish a more important task.  It’s said that poor prioritization is one of the main culprits of being unable to manage one’s time in the best possible way, so this could be a good place to start.


3. Setting an example can help

It’s not a secret that one feels quite successful once they realize that their skills set an example on someone else. This is not only positive for the person acquiring your skills, but it can also tremendously help you keep up the good work. People who have children should do whatever it takes to pass down these organizational skills to them, and a boost of motivation definitely comes once they see that their children acquired them.


This is especially important to the academic life of the child as it will help them pursue that diploma in a much more effective way. It’s very important to teach them how to stay one step ahead by using different platforms such as Thinkswap, where they can find different notes of other students, or read through Deakin past exams or other important documents that will help them. Apart from giving them the opportunity to organize their time better and enhance their performance, this is something that will most certainly help you stay organized and do even better in the future.


4. Make use of technology

Just like the case with these learning platforms for your children, it’s also quite advisable to make use of the technology. Various apps that are designed just for the goal of keeping you more organized can be found, and it would be a good idea to check them out and see what they offer. Writing everything down might not be something that you like to do, but you can have everything on your phone, wherever you go, reminding you of all the tasks you are supposed to do and how much time you have left until the next one.


Yes, staying organized is definitely a skill that’s in high demand at the moment, mostly due to the fast pace of life. However, by choosing the right tools and knowing how to use them can place you one step ahead, which will most certainly pay off in the end, in different ways.

About the author:

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and style blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly in fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: LA Fashion, Viva Glam Magazine, Just Haves, How to Simplify and Carousel.

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