Spectacular Skin: 3 Healthy Habits for Everyone

By now, most people know that your skin is actually the largest organ in your body. It is actually a living entity in and of itself. Just like your liver or kidneys, great care for the skin actually starts with your heart. Unlike your liver, kidneys or heart, however, you skin is actually accessible to care for externally as well. While some people may be more concerned about how their skin looks, they are not the only ones that can benefit from great skin care. Anyone and everyone can feel more comfortable being themselves if they have great skin. Here are three healthy habits that everyone can embrace for healthier skin. 

Stay Hydrated 
Healthy skin requires moisture to stay soft, smooth and supple. While moisturizers can certainly help, there is just no substitute for drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated in the first place. Not only can drinking plenty of water help you maintain soft, smooth, supple skin, but it can also help all of your other organs function better as well. If you’re not getting enough water, it will show in your skin. Wrinkles and blemishes will be prominent while your skin will appear duller.

Eat Plenty of Good Fats
It is a sad conundrum that we often think of fat in foods as being the thing that actually makes us fat. Instead, certain fats are actually critical for good skin health. Essential fatty acids actually help lock in moisture to help give your skin that smooth elasticity that keeps it from getting wrinkly. So next time you need a snack, eat a handful of nuts, a half an avocado or sprinkle some sunflower seeds on a salad. All are packed with healthy fats to help keep your skin looking great. 

Good Skin Care Begins with Good Health Care
Taking care of your skin is not just as simple as slathering on some moisturizer at the end of the day. Your skin is an organ, just like your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. The same way you go in to see a doctor for regular checkups, you should make it a point to include a trip to the dermatologist as part of your health care routine. Remember, your skin can get cancer just like the rest of your body, so regular screenings can help prevent that the same way regular doctor’s visits can. Additionally, regular dermatology visits can help you develop a personalized routine to care for your skin. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have a health problem to see your dermatologist. Many dermatologists also offer cosmetic dermatology services to help keep your skin looking its best. Whatever your concern, be sure to ask plenty of questions until you understand what steps you should take at home as well as in their office to improve your skin.

Of course we all want to look and feel our best and taking care of your skin can help you do that. It is important to remember, however, that taking care of your skin is just as important for other reasons besides merely cosmetic ones. The good news is, unlike taking good care of your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, taking care of your skin will provide results everyone will notice.

About the author:

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.


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