5 Ways to Stay Up with the Latest Beauty Trends and Products

The beauty industry is always changing, as new trends fly in each and every season. With advancements in technology and breakthroughs in cosmetic research, the newest skincare, hair care and makeup products are often the best ones.

So how can you stay educated on the latest beauty techniques, products, tools and styles? Here are five easy ways:

1. Follow Beauty Blogs

Beauty bloggers are always testing and reviewing the latest products in the beauty industry. They’re also great at educating you on how to use them. Compared to a magazine article, blog posts often to go more in-depth and give you the most honest scoop on a product. Blog writers give you the “person-on-the-street” take on current trends, so you can get a sense for the products real people are using. Try following a blog like TheRaeviewer.com or TheBeautyLookBook.com.

2. Subscribe to Beauty Vloggers

Blogs are great, but videos give you an even better view of products and how to use them. Follow makeup artists, hair stylists and other beauty vloggers on YouTube, where they review the latest beauty products they’re testing and reveal the ones they like the best. No matter what your style is, you can find hairstyle tutorials and makeup tutorials of any kind by searching on YouTube.

3. Follow Top Beauty Brands on Social Media

Following the top beauty brands on social media can also help you keep up with trends in the beauty industry. You’ll be able to see what’s new, what trends are growing and what products are being phased out. For example, Amway’s Facebook page features their newest products and shows you how people are using them. The top brands typically have accounts on every social media platform, so you can stay up no matter where you tend to hang out. Browsing beauty advice on Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to stumble upon new beauty bloggers and vloggers, too.

4. Sign Up for a Magazine

Signing up for a beauty magazine subscription is a fun way to stay up with trends when you have some downtime or want to get away from the screen for a while. Beauty magazines like Allure and Glamour are designed to help you stay up with what’s going on in the beauty and cosmetics industry, and they’re packed with advice and professional tips. They’re great for finding out about upcoming trends if you want to get ahead of them.

5. Read Online Magazines

Many print magazines also publish their articles online. Some require a paid subscription, and others are free. Many let you sign up by email so you can get the latest articles with expert advice delivered to you. Some great online magazines include NewBeauty.com and MarieClaire.com.

Staying Ahead of the Trends

Are you interested in finding beauty products that have the best ingredients available? Do you need to learn how to do the perfect cat eye swoop or smoky eyeshadow blend? In today’s digital world, keeping up with beauty trends and getting expert advice is just a few clicks away. Reading beauty blogs and magazines, and checking out tutorials and other posts on social media, can keep you up to date and help you find the best products on the market.

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