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While the renewed gadget-craze has spawned all sorts of more or less useful items such as Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled spoons, toasters with selfie cameras, etc., in truth there’s only a shortlist of high-tech accessories that bring real usefulness through innovation.

Ultrafast Wi-Fi router

Having a great bandwidth is one thing, but can you deliver the great internet speed to all devices at once? Regular Wi-Fi routers have difficulties delivering all the available bandwidth when more users are online, so every user’s speed is limited by the slowest device in the network.  This is why households that rely heavily on wireless video streaming and home automation need a Wi-Fi router like the Netgear Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band, which uses an extra traffic lane. Once it detects a slow device connection, it diverts the faster devices to the new traffic lane, so everybody gets the highest possible speed. This router also uses six antennas and Beamforming software to direct its signal to each device.  

New generation TV

The year 2018 has seen several peaks in the TV market, with new models setting new bars of high-end performance, significantly altering our expectations from mid-range sets. Whether you’re considering a new smart TV for a dedicated home theatre room, or just something to watch sports and binge your favourite TV shows, keep in mind that video streaming is one of the most demanding activities in terms of bandwidth, so you need to know what is a good internet speed for your home. The more occupants, the more internet-connected device you’ll have. For example, a two-person household with up to eight devices who regularly stream HD video shouldn’t go below 20 Mbps. When it comes to the TV sets, it seems that this year’s favourite will be 65-inch Q9FN QLED TV from Samsung. With sleek design that reduces cable clutter, and near-OLED picture quality, it offers superb sound, and looks equally good on both the included stand and the wall.

Remote door answering

Whoever is addicted to online shopping know the tribulations of missing the delivery-man. You have to make a detour to your nearest post office, and wait in line to finally receive your package. In another scenario, your kid has lost the key and needs to get inside. Can you leave your work and commute halfway across the town, only to go back to the office within minutes? Produced by Viking Electronics, the C-250 controller and E-40-BN-EWP door box can make your life much easier. Install the controller between your router and your VoIP box and connect it to the door box. The controller can be programed to dial up to five family members’ mobile phone numbers, allowing you to answer the door remotely, and choose whether to open it or not.

Smart thermostat

These intelligent indoor temperature controllers can be programed to intuitively ‘know’ when to turn on your heating or cooling system by analysing your home’s energy profile, the outside weather, and many other data entries. A smart thermostat, like the 2nd generation Ecobee4, senses whether anyone’s home, as well as which rooms are occupied, creating comfortable environment when you’re at home, and saving energy when the house is empty.  Thanks to the user-friendly guide, Ecobee series thermostats are easy to install, and the whole process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. However, perhaps the biggest perk of these smart controllers is their iOS and Android connectivity. Through an associated app, Ecobee4 can be accessed even using an Apple Watch. On the economic side, homeowners have reported saving up to 23% annually through HVAC costs, while the device itself pays out after two years.

Bluetooth tracker

The world’s best-selling Bluetooth finder, Tile Mate easily loops onto keychains and virtually anything you can’t afford to lose, or want to find fast. If your Tile Mate ring is in your range, you can use the associated smartphone app to make it ring. However, if your Tile is nowhere near you, you can anonymously ask for help in the Tile community, which is the world’s largest lost and found network with over 5 million devices sold. Reversely, if you can’t find your phone, double-press the button on your Tile and the phone will respond – even if set to silent. Water resistant to IP57 standard, this little helper is indispensable in busy households where precious minutes of the morning rush are often lost trying to locate lost items.

In the sea of gimmicks and novelties that do little more than look cool, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish accessories which really improve the quality of life. These five home technologies are highly unlikely to sit on a shelf collecting dust, as their design and role have evolved to deliver better user experience and increased comfort.

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