4 Easy Makeup Tips That Make Your Skin Look Flawless

It is an exciting time in the world of cosmetics. For many years people expected a makeup site to cater to female customers only. Men were not expected to wear makeup and frowned upon if they did. This was not only a double standard, but it was misleading. When you look at men in movies, on book covers, and in photo-shoots, they are wearing makeup. Just like women, their skin is not always flawless. Their eyes are not always alluring. However, since women do not fantasize about men with breakouts or bags under their eyes, makeup artists have been working their magic on men, since the invention of film. Regardless of the gender of the person, makeup that is applied correctly looks natural and beautiful.


Men’s Skin Has Unique Challenges

Experts agree, men’s skin is different than women’s skin. There are physical differences that affect the appearance of a man’s face, such as:

  • Facial hair
  • Thicker skin due to testosterone
  • Tougher skin, also due to testosterone
  • Oily skin – after puberty males produce more oil in their skin than women


Because of the texture of a man’s skin, he does not feel the effects of his surroundings as quickly as his fairer counterpart. Men must get in the habit of cleaning their skin thoroughly every morning and every night. He should always sleep on a clean pillowcase to keep dead skin cells and oil from depositing back onto his face. It is also important to wear sunscreen every time he goes outdoors.


Makeup Tips Everyone Should Know

1 – Prepare the eyes, then take time to prime

Look carefully at your eyes before you begin. If you have puffy bags and dark circles under your eyes, deal with them before you add cosmetics. Use a cool, wet, tea bag to reduce the puffiness. Wash the skin with cool coconut water. This keeps blackheads away and rehydrates the skin.


Primer is the best line of defense against splotchy skin tones and fine lines. Primer for the face is not the same formula as a primer for the eyes. You only need a drop (about the size of a raisin) to prime both eyes. If you apply it thickly, it will cause your concealer to crack. Use your finger to gently dab the primer around the entire eye. Be sure to tap it into fine lines and over dark circles. You are preparing to cover them with concealer.

2 – Choose the right color concealer

Under the eye concealer should be one to two shades lighter than your skin, and face concealer should match your foundation exactly. If you are troubled with blueish bags, dab on a little orange to cancel it out. A little concealer is all you need. Dab 4 tiny amounts of concealer under the eye. Use a beauty blender or your clean finger to gently dab it into place.

3 – Contour and highlighting

Men want their face to look flawless, and most do not want anyone to see any product on the face to steal their thunder. Using contouring (a shade or two darker than your foundation) and highlighters (a shade or two lighter than your foundation) allows you to create shadows to shape and sculpt your face to perfection.


Apply highlighter very lightly at the top of the cheekbone, across the center of the forehead, and straight down the nose Use a very light brush to apply.


Contouring (adding dark shadows to sculpt the face) is very personal. Your product adviser will explain ways to contour. You may create a firm jawline or a strong chin. You may want to create a long and slender nose. There are many ways to contour the male face that will leave your skin flawless.

4 – Setting Powder

Gently sweeping translucent setting powder (also called blotting powder) reduces shine from cosmetics or natural oils. It sets your makeup and keeps all your efforts in place during your day.  


As the popularity of men’s makeup grows, there are more tips and tricks being shared online. But, always listen to your supplier and use the products correctly to protect your skin and to leave you with that sexy look of perfection.

Photo credit: Jens Linder

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