Decor Guide for Fun and Cosy Kids’ Bedroom

Your children need a room in which they’ll feel happy and comfortable. In case you’re decorating their room, make sure you come up with some fun and cheerful ideas for a space where they’ll be able to play, express their creativity and, at the end of the day, fall asleep easily. It might sound demanding, but you could just have a blast with this task. Still, for those of you who aren’t really sure where to start, here are some fine ideas to check out.

Bed is for more than sleeping

Well, just like any other part of their room or, let’s be honest, your whole home, children will want to play in their beds. So, to avoid having to buy a new one sooner than expected, while going through all the options of beds available out there, pay extra attention to the sturdiness of the materials. There are some cool beds in different crazy shapes, cartoon character beds, but also bunk beds if you have more than one kid in the room. Mind you, you can expect them to jump on that bed, fill it up with all sorts of toys and stuff and even make an improvised tent on it. Bed rails might prevent falls, but just in case, some padded carpeting around the bed is recommended. And since you can also expect juice spills (Oh, God, let’s hope it’s just juice!), you can get some slipcovers for their beds. Of course, the bedding underneath should be breathable, preferably made of organic cotton and the mattress should be ergonomic.

We don’t just tiptoe on the floors

The little people of the house don’t just walk and run around your home. From time to time, and maybe a bit more often than that, they like to crawl, roll and maybe even pretend that the floor is the sky and fly around it. Seriously, the floors should be covered with carpets or rugs for several reasons. First of all, kids sit and play on the floor a lot and you want them to sit on something soft and warm. They also fall all of the time, which brings us back to the softness. And since this is a kids’ room, you need it to be a jolly place, so a good idea might be to look for some plush Moroccan rugs in bright colours and with various patterns, so that it doesn’t show every stain or spot as soon as your kids make them. Because, let’s face it, these rugs are useful, but we also want them to look nice while the kids wriggle all over them.

Cheerful furniture for cheerful kids

The furniture you choose for the little guys shouldn’t just be something they’ll love, but also something that they will be able to use on their own. For example, the storage spaces they use most often should be closer to the ground. Some shelves and decorative boxes with labels for their toys and other things could prove to be a great idea. Their closets shouldn’t be too tall and their desks and chairs should be the perfect size for them to be comfortable and not bend their backs while sitting. When it comes to design, the sky is your limit. You can literally buy furniture today that looks as if Alice has just imported it from Wonderland. Allowing your kids to have a say when choosing some of the furniture will show them you value their opinion and they’ll love you for it. Plus, they’ll be prouder of their room if they took part in decorating it.

Lights on, lights off!

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It’s a fact that your kids need plenty of light in their room. Big windows decorated with translucent curtains will provide them with the warmth and freshness of natural sunlight. Also, you don’t want any dark corners in their room. They’re kids and the things they do aren’t always logical, meaning that you can expect them to decide on the only available dark corner as their designated reading spot. What you should do is combine the ceiling lights, lamps and various table lights to make the room bright enough for them, but so that you can dim the lights when your little ones have to go to bed. Preserving their eyesight is one of the benefits you’ll get from a well-lit room, and another one is a happier and more energetic child.

Unlike your own bedroom or living room, where you had to hold back on any silliness, children’s rooms give you the unique opportunity you to be playful with colours of the walls and shapes and sizes of the furniture and accessories. If you have your kids’ habits and needs in mind while doing this, fear not, there aren’t that many mistakes you can make.

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