DIY: Handmade Leather and Wire Bracelet Tutorial

Can you make jewelry with only two materials? The answer is positive as I will show you how to make a bracelet using only a piece of leather cord and some wire. I have also used pliers, but if you use a soft type of wire, like aluminum, you can bend the wire with your fingers. In the future I can show you some wire jewelry I have created using only my fingers. So below you can see how to make a handmade bracelet and even make your own clasp. Are you ready to create your handmade leather and wire bracelet?

I have chosen a round leather cord and copper wire. I put the leather around my wrist to see how much I’m going to need and I cut the necessary length. Remember that the clasp is going to add to the length of your bracelet.

Take a small piece from the wire and start wrapping around the edge of the cord in a spiral form. At the end of the cord create a little hoop using pliers or another round object like the tip of a pen. Repeat at the other edge.

The main part of the bracelet is ready and now you have to make a clasp. Take a piece of wire. Wrap one edge around one of the hoops and bend the other edge so that it looks like a hook.

On the other hoop at the other edge of the cord wrap a very small piece of wire so that it works as a hoop link to adjust the clasp.

Then you have to make a charm. Take a piece of wire and start wrapping it to create a coil. If you aren’t sure how much wire to use, cut a larger piece and when you think you have the desirable size of coil start wrapping it around the leather cord. If it is too long, you can cut off the extra length.


Your bracelet is complete and you can start wearing it. You can also make an identical bracelet for your best friend.

If you like to try more ideas with wire, you may like this handmade bracelet with wire and crystal beads.


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