DIY: Handmade Wire and Crystal Bracelet

If you are in the mood to create a unique piece of jewelry to treat yourself or to offer it as a gift to a friend, take a look at these easy instructions to make your own personalized bracelet.

First of all, let’s see the materials you are going to need:

0.80 mm wire

0.30 mm wire

2 different colors of crystals or other beads

scissors or wire cutter

rounded object like a pen to create circles

optional: pliers to bend the edges of your bracelet

To begin your creation take the wider wire and bend it somewhere around the middle where you are going to make a circle. To create a circle you can use a rounded object like a pen. Then, turn the wire twice around itself to seal the circle.

Next step is to put equal pieces of crystals in each wire end and as previously use a round object to make a circle and close it the same way.

Go on creating circles with crystals until the length is enough to create a bracelet.

Now you are going to use the thinner wire and the crystals of the other shade. Tie the edge of the wire on the other wire in the middle of each circle.

As you can see, I have used 6 pieces of crystals in each side of the wire. So, I have put the wire after the 3 crystals. Then pass 2 crystals in this wire (or as many as it fits depending on the size of the circles) and tie the other edge of the wire in the opposite side of the circle.

When you have finished this process, you need to work on the remaining edges of the thicker wire.

Hold the two edges together and with a pair of pliers turn them around so that they are attached to each other.

Put your creation around an object like a jar to take a round shape.

Then you can put your bracelet around your wrist to check the size. Take the remaining wire you just twisted with the pliers and make a hook that is adjusted to the first empty circle of your bracelet. This will serve as a clasp.

Do you like this type of DIY jewelry? If you would like to get more ideas, you can see another creation below.

DIY: Handmade Wire Bracelet



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