DIY: Handmade Windchime With Spoons

I’ve had these spoons for a long time and it was time I got rid of them as a part of them had started to peel off. I immediately thought of making a windchime as I have seen many on Pinterest. Of course you can also use any other cutlery, like forks or knives, but in my case I think the rest of this set broke years ago. So, this is how I ended up with this DIY windchime.

First I removed the plastic handle of the spoons after I had broken with a pair of pliers the plastic silver part which connects the two parts. As it was made of plastic it was very easy to break. Then I tried to pull and separate the plastic and metal part with my hands. Their poor quality was in my favor.

I was lucky to discover that the metal part which remained had a hole at the edge and that would make it easy to hang. As you can see I used a cord which I decorated with wooden beads.

When  I had filled all my nine strings with the spoons and the beads I found a broken branch from a tree to use as the base of my windchime.

I tied each string on the branch and then I used the same string to cover the branch and make it stronger.

It will be a part of our pine tree for this summer.

You can see it in action in the video below

On a regular summer day the sound of cicadas covers the sound of the spoons, but below you can hear them better on a windy day.

These type of windchimes can be used to keep birds away from your garden too.

Do you like windchimes too?

What materials would you choose to create yours?

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