Guide to Gemstones: 11 Popular Types of Gems and Their Meanings

There are many gemstones that all have different meanings.

Natural gemstones come from various parts of the world, and they have been very popular in history due to their unique stories. Gems come in many shapes and colors, and some can only be found in certain parts of the world. 

Today, various types of gems are highly sought after by those that like their appearance and rarity. People also seek them because they can provide benefits to the holder, such as success or protection.

Read on to learn about what these 11 popular gemstones and their meanings are.


Alexandrite is a gemstone often associated with magic because it appears as though it changes color. In bright light, it can appear bluish-green. In dimmer light, it appears to be a reddish gem. 

The more that the color change is apparent, the more valuables these gems are. Alexandrite is said to inspire people and help them become more creative. It supposedly helps with luck, making it popular amongst gamblers.


Citrine is a popular yellow-brown gem used by many because of its affordability. This gemstone is often associated with success and prosperity, making it another gambler’s favorite. 

Citrine helps the user maintain a clear mind and focus. It’s also said to make the user happier and kinder. This is a great stone for those that would like to strengthen their relations with people.


Diamond is one of the most sought after gemstones because of their beauty, and they also happen to be one of the hardest natural gemstones. Diamonds are often clear, but they can show hues of various colors.

The diamond is a symbol of perfection and can protect its user from a variety of things, such as thieves, fire, and animals. Diamonds are often used by people to help fight against illnesses.


Sapphire is often thought of as being a blue gemstone. They actually come in several shades of pink, orange, violet, and more. The blue sapphire is a sign of honesty and trust, making it popular for engagement rings.

Blue sapphires are usually more valuable when they show a purer blue that lacks darker hues. Aside from being a symbol of trust, sapphires can also provide their user wisdom and assist them with self-development.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a dark blue gemstone that shares its appearance with the ocean. Some stones can appear as though you’re looking at a star-filled sky. It’s also a unique gem meaning “blue stone” in Latin. 

Lapis can help people strengthen their relationships and promote new interests. The stone can also help people treat pain and heal wounds. 


Moonstone is a unique gem that appears to be colorless with shades of blue, gray, pink, and more. Colored moonstones can only be found in India, making them some of the rarest. 

These gemstones help their users control their emotions. They are often used by doctors that often have to see people suffering. Moonstones can also help with stomach issues and make dreams easy to remember.


The ruby is a red gemstone that symbolizes love, courage, and power. Rubies have historically been sought after by those that have authority because of its characteristics.

Rubies help people fight fear and provide greater happiness. They can also protect people against insomnia, paralysis, and can reduce blood pressure. It also awakens the sexual desires of people.


Pearl is the most unique gem on this gemstones list. It is a gemstone that can only be created from living animals. Those animals are mollusks! It’s made when a mollusk secretes a substance known as nacre, which is what pearls are made of.

Pearls take years to develop into full-sized gems, making them very valuable. They are often white but can have shades of pink, blue, and green. Pearls offer their users wisdom, creativity, health, and prosperity.


Topaz is a gemstone that can be colorless, yellow, brown, green, blue, and red. The gem is usually found in a goldish yellow color, but the most valuable is orange topaz with hues of pink.

This gemstone is known to give its user honesty and enlightenment. It’s commonly used by people that would like to know about more things to make solid judgments. It can also bring wealth to its user.


Tourmaline is a stone that can be any color. They can change colors depending on the lighting, but green and pink are the most common forms of tourmaline. Some color combinations are highly sought after, such as green, pink, and white.

The stone is used to boost creativity, create happiness, and strengthen potency within people. Tourmaline can also help calm people down, further strengthening their potency and reducing stress.


Similar to sapphire, zircon is popularized as a blue gemstone. However, it can also be in shades of red, yellow, and green. The most popular zircon stones are bright blue, similar to turquoise.

Zircon has the ability to bring strength and confidence to its user, and it can help them become more intuitive. It is also used as a means of protection against wild animals, and it’s said that it can stop bleeding.

Various Types of Gems Can Help You

All of these gems provide several benefits that can help you in your daily life. They all revolve around wisdom and health, but each of these types of gems has unique properties.

Not only can these gems provide you benefits, but they’re also visually stunning. Any gem can complement your outfit! Consider investing in some to better your life and wardrobe.

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