4 Unconventional Wedding Rings to Match Your Fiancé’s Personality

Weddings are often tailored to the couple that’s getting married. It’s a celebration of those two personalities coming together to form a family. Everything from the flowers to the table decorations has been carefully chosen to reflect their uniqueness. Their wedding rings shouldn’t be any different. If you want an unconventional wedding ring for your lover, then consider some of the ideas below.

Wooden Branch Ring

If your lover happens to enjoy the outdoors or is extremely environmentally-conscious, then why not reflect that with a ring made of wood? This wedding ring has been carefully constructed into a circular shape to fit around their finger perfectly. There’s no added gems or diamonds. The beauty of the natural form speaks for itself. Mens wedding rings are often understated, and this ring can be the perfect choice for either a groom or a bride.


For those who love various gemstones and rock formations, then you might want to consider getting them a ring that showcases the beauty of geode stones. These are crystals that come in various colors, shapes, and cuts. They can sprout from the ring and cast a beautiful light through them for an almost rainbow-like effect.

Finger-Hugging Rings

Another unique ring to consider is those that aren’t just bands. They actually sprout out over most of the finger or curve delicately down and across the hand. The intricate designs are spectacular and speak to a delicacy of soul. With so much surface area, you can also pack in as any diamonds or other gems as you like to delight your lover.


If your lover has a quirky personality or doesn’t like to follow the beaten path, then an asymmetrical ring might be the perfect thing for them. These bands turn the idea of a perfect circle completely on its head. They seem to defy gravity along with codes of metalworking. For those who are rebellious or embrace their sense of eccentricity or uniqueness, then an asymmetrical ring could be the perfect selection for them. You can complete the ring with a diamond, gem, or even a cool-looking rock if they’re not one for gemstones.

Wedding bands should be as unique to the person as their wedding is. Not only does it display who they are as a person, but it also shows the other partner that a lot of thought went into choosing their wedding band. These ideas are perfect for unique personalities.

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