Fall Favorites: 6 Outfits for Autumn That Aren’t Sweaters

It’s never easy saying goodbye to summer, but knowing that sweater weather is just around the corner makes it a little better. Just because we call it “sweater weather” doesn’t mean you should overlook all of the other great fall outfit possibilities you could be wearing this autumn. Put your fashion foot forward this fall and check out our suggestions of six fall favorite looks you could be wearing this season that aren’t just sweaters and jeans.

  1. Long Sleeve Dresses

If you’ve been living an easy breezy summer dress life for the last three months, making the switch to pants once the weather turns cold can be more than a little hard. Ease into the brisk winds of fall by including a few long-sleeved dresses into your wardrobe rotation this autumn. 

With various styles and lengths to choose from, long sleeve dresses make great choices for the office and casual wear alike. Plus, they look as great with a pair of ankle booties as they do with mid-calf and knee-high boots. If you’re worried about being a little too exposed to the elements when those temperatures drop, add a pair of leggings or opaque knit tights to your ensemble to keep the breezes at bay.  

  1. Jumpsuits

We love the fun and flirty look of a stylish jumpsuit. Not to mention the loose, flowy fabric that makes it hard to believe you’re even allowed to wear it in public. We’ll also be the first to admit that our beloved jumpsuits aren’t an obvious choice for a fall wardrobe must-wear. Bring your stylish jumpsuit to the fashion forefront this fall by wearing it beneath a fitted patterned blazer or a cool leather jacket that hits at the waist. The key with jumpsuits is that you want them to accentuate your waistline, so protect that at all costs when you’re choosing layers.

  1. Overalls

You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy wearing a pair of overalls this fall. With a variety of ways to style them, you could potentially wear a different overall-inspired look to every fall festivity you have on the agenda. Keep things simple with sneakers and a long-sleeved cotton tee or add an opened button-down shirt like a flannel tied at the waist for a twist on a classic style. 

Try adding a bit of edge to your otherwise casual look by adding a flair-filled leather jacket and black heeled boots. Or keep things comfy and cozy with cool sneaks and a vest, keeping those brisk fall hikes easy and fashionable. There’s no reason you need to sacrifice comfort for style. And overalls are the perfect example. 

  1. Two-Piece Sets

You don’t have to sequester those colorful, summertime two-piece sets just yet. Add another element to the outfits you love and get a little more life out of them well into fall. Try adding an oversized blazer for a workplace look or take it into the weekend with a denim or leather jacket and a pair of ankle booties. 

And, if the mood strikes, you can always break up the set. They may look fantastic together, but that doesn’t mean each piece can’t also turn heads on its own (kind of like you and your besties). Use the skirt of your favorite two-piece set as inspiration for a layered fall look and extend the fashion spotlight of one of your most loved summer pieces. 

  1. Outerwear Flair

One of the great things about fall is the allure of the great outdoors. Keep your outerwear fashion on point this fall and make your jackets, coats and vests an extension of your everyday wardrobe. Even a military-inspired cargo jacket that cinches at the waist can give your otherwise no-fuss look a bit of stylish edge. 

Investing in one or two timeless pieces like a classic trench coat or leather or denim jacket is a great way to start building up your fashionable outerwear options. Because on those days you just don’t know what to wear and end up in jeans and a tee-shirt, you add a stylish jacket or vest, and … voila! Instant fashion plate. Couple this with some envy-worthy boots, and you’ll be ready for anything the day throws at you.

  1. Add a Scarf

In the fall, we tend to dress in pretty monotone shades like browns, greens and grays. Add a pop of color to your everyday wardrobe this autumn by adding a vibrant-colored scarf to your ensemble. Even a chunky, patterned scarf can add another layer of depth and style to an otherwise subdued look. 

Plus, scarfs make a great accessory in colder months, so you don’t even have to stress on what necklace looks best with your not-sweater outfit. Of course, not all scarves are just meant for warmth. Try tying one in your hair for a fun and flirty look that’s sure to get you countless compliments. 

Non-Sweater Looks to Envy

Have fun with fashion this fall and break out of your sweater-wearing rut of old. Shop Red Dress Boutique today for a non-sweater look that will have everyone falling at your feet in envy this fall. Don’t wait. Gets yours here today.

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