7 Statement Decor Ideas You Can’t Miss This 2019

Does it seem like home decor has its particular niches, and your style dictates exactly what your home will look like? Well, you can make a splash in any chosen home design style with a statement piece. Typically, statement pieces or statement décor break up an image. For example, if your kitchen looks exactly like a minimalistic kitchen from a home design magazine you might consider bringing in a unique and unexpected pop of color with rainbow assortments of flowers or painting your spice racks in a rainbow. 

Statements pieces should pop, stand out, and be bold, which is why many of them don’t really blend into any one style. 

1. Rainbow Shelves 

As mentioned in the minimalist kitchen example above, rainbow shelving or open-storage ideas are a big statement. While this trend started in kid’s rooms to bring in vibrant storage space while keeping their room fun and engaging, it’s gone much further now. 

Paint shelves in a rainbow pattern or use lights to recreate the ROYGBIV look from behind shelves, pictures, or even under stairways. There are many ways to reimagine the rainbow shelves statement piece. 

2. Dark Walls

Accent walls have their place, but for those who want to take it a step further, paint one of your walls a very dark tone that complements your room. Black is a great choice, but many people can’t commit. Try looking at other dark hues such as navy, Sacramento green, or maroon. 

Your dark wall statement isn’t quite complete; however, without some extreme contrast. Hang pictures in white frames or install light fixtures which stand out drastically against the black wall. Or consider putting in geometric mirrors in a fun design so that it catches the many lighter colored walls in the room. 

3. Starburst Tables

If you haven’t seen a starburst table, you’re missing out. Part inspired by the 1980s metal and glass tables, and partly inspired by new trends in art; these tables will have everyone talking. 

A starburst table is a round or square pane of glass that sits atop a starburst art structure. The starburst itself can be wood or metal, and you can surely find some combination which fits in with your overarching theme. For example, if you have a rustic feel throughout your home, you might go looking for a starburst table which matches the tone of exposed wood you have already. Or, find a dark wood that will be a subtle pop. 

4. One-of-a-Kind Lighting

Lighting is one of the things which goes with the trends, but it’s not something that homeowners want to change frequently. It’s a pain, and many homeowners don’t feel confident in changing light fixtures themselves. Keep your functional light fixtures in a non-trendy fashion by choosing something timeless. 

Then look for installments that you love and are completely unique to you. Ordering a custom neon sign with a special message or affirmative statement can give you a little boost every day. Not to mention that these one-of-a-kind lighting installments are simple to hang and look amazing against dark walls.  

5. Veiled Fairy Lights

Can you create a whimsical wonderland in your own home? Could your home double as a YouTube video studio, or photoshoot backdrop? Yes, to both questions. Hand fairy lights in thin strands, generally close together, all along one wall. Then in front of that lightly veil your lights with a thin muslin. This look achieves a few things that play a vital role in making a statement. 

First, hanging the muslin from curtain rods at the top of your ceiling will conceal the fairy light wires, and make the room look taller. Second, the lights will bring a muted glow from one side of the room, giving a new perspective in term of how large or shapely your room appears. Third, the veil effect will ensure that these little LED bulbs aren’t too harsh.

6. Anniversary or Milestone Signed Images

Maybe you recall that through the 1990s, and early 2000s that signed wedding images were quickly replacing guest books. Although there is no commitment to having a wedding image signed from years ago, you can create a signed milestone or anniversary image now. You don’t even need your friends to get in on it. 

Have one very large image of you and your significant other printed and find a frame that has at least a three-inch border around your image. Then, with friends and family or just your significant other, begin filling the white border with special memories, well-wishes, or favorite dates. After you hang this image, everyone who comes into your home will have something to talk about! 

7. Mural Wallpaper 

Since Victorian times decorators and designers knew that flat walls just didn’t bring anything to the table. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then, and you can now purchase peel-and-stick, or DIY textured wallpaper to liven up any part of your home. Use textured wallpaper to embellish cabinets, ceilings, or to create architectural intrigue in any room. 

About the author:

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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