How to Celebrate Your Wedding Day All Week Long

In today’s day and age, we spend tons of time devoted to planning our ideal wedding. When it gets close to the date, our nerves can get the best of us. To help calm down your stress and blow off some steam, here are some great tips on how to celebrate your wedding all week long.

Schedule a Spa Day

Whether you want to schedule a spa day with your soon to be spouse or your bridal party, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you schedule it. A spa day is a great way to enjoy some relaxation to reduce stress from wedding planning and nerves of the big day. Be sure to include massage and body wrap treatments to ensure you look glowing on your special day.

Have a Bar Tour

One great way to blow off some steam with your soon to be spouse is to plan a bar tour with your bridal party. This will help to get members of both sides to know each other better. When your bridal party members get to spend some time getting acquainted before the wedding, it can make the wedding experience much more fun. There are many wedding bus hire websites out there which you can book so that you don’t have to worry about safe transportation while on your bar tour.

Plan a Special Farewell Lunch

When it comes to thanking those who were involved in your wedding, a great send-off is to plan a special farewell lunch. This can take place the day after your wedding or at the end of your wedding week. Make sure that it’s held at a special place that will allow everyone to have multiple food choices. You’ll be thankful that you did plan one of these lunches as you’ll get the time to properly express your gratitude to those involved in your wedding ceremony. All too often, the bride and groom head off to their honeymoon without having the proper opportunity to thank those who stood by their side for the big day.

Having a one-day wedding ceremony is no longer enough. Couples are turning their big day into a week-long adventure. While you’re not going to be preparing the entire week of activities for all your guests, you should plan to include your bridal party throughout the week. The above are just of few of the many activities that you can enjoy doing to celebrate your new union.

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